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It's been a while since we've done a 'This Week In Games', due to the lack of new titles, this week is still a little thin on the ground — but this week is quite interesting in terms of digitally distributed titles on Xbox LIVE and Steam, so I've decided to add these to the mix. We've got Trials Evolution obviously, but the Aussie developed MacGuffin's Curse is coming out on Steam this week as well...

Angry Birds Space (PC)

What is it? A PC port of the iOS game I'm scared to tell people I like. Should you care? I like Angry Birds, but I wouldn't buy it on PC. Get it for your mobile device.

MacGuffin's Curse (PC)

What is it? Cool adventure/puzzle game put together by local indie dev heroes Brawsome. Should you care? Has some very sharp writing that harks back to adventure games of old. I'll definitely be checking it out.

The Witcher 2 (360)

What is it? This beast of an RPG finally makes it to console — the 360 to be specific. The Witcher 2 is a gritty port of a gritty game, with seamless control design. Should you care? Absolutely. Great game, and a great port.

Trials Evolution (360)

What is it? The game that will reduce your life expectancy by at least 20 years. This is probably the only game I'll be playing for the next three months. Should you care? I think you should totally play this. Just don't say I didn't warn you.


    Witcher 2 Dark edition tomorrow, Trials Evo the day after! Sorry uni, you're not important.

      NotoriousR, you sure about The Witcher 2 date? It said the 17/04 for weeks but now everywhere I look says the 19th?

        Huh. That's odd. Well I thought it was coming out on the 19th as normal, then EB said it was the 17th, and now their site is saying 18th. Brilliant. I suppose it'll be out on thursday by the latest.

      The Witcher was pushed back to I think the 19th due to the high demand.

    Trials Evolution! Is this the PSN release date as well ..?

      Who wants to be the first to tell Stu?

    TRIALS EVOLUTION! Goodbye work, goodbye girlfriend, goodbye sleep, goodbye ANY OTHER GAME!

    I only have a PS3 :( wish I'd bought one of those cheap ones at that JB sale last year, I really want both The Witcher and Trials

      I want to get both games as well. The witcher devs haven't outright denied a PS3 port so there is some hope. Also RedLynx is now owned by Ubisoft so their future games should be cross platform.

    Both Botanicula (PC) and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (PC) are also out this week.

    Will there be another riddle this time or is it too obvious?

    I'm talking about Trials.

    I am absolutely terrible at Trials - Now I'll be absolutely terrible at Trials with 3 friends along to laugh at me. Can't wait.

    I'm a little crazy when it comes to Trials.. I mean I am off the mo fo planet fanboy!!! But Im so excited to see this game finally released. I bought Trials HD as a fun game to play because a few friends thought it was ok. I got this in the week after release in August 2009. I STILL PLAY IT!

    I can't believe just how much fun this game is and how rewarding it was to attempt to master it. I'm still not there even after hundreds of hours. I've got 137 out of the possible 141 platinum medals and even with years of playing this game, I couldnt get those last few medals.

    With the answering of the riddle, I think I am done with Trials HD. I will pick Evo up the minute it is released and I won't play anything for months either. That pile of shame will have to wait.

    Oh, and this multiplayer is exactly what i've been looking forward to and can't wait to try these out.

    I will call it now, This will be game of the year on XBLA, it will break every single sales record and will make me happy for a very long time.

      Reckon there'll be a riddle in Evolution as well?

        I think a better question is: what will you be contributing to the riddle, FatShady?!

      Oh you like Trials? Don't think I have heard you mention it before.
      Did you catch the answer to the riddle last week?

    Anyone see that game Lunar Flight, released on Steam a few days ago, it's pretty awesome! ;-)


    Trails Evolution finally!!!!!! Some should bring back kotaku community play nights back for it

    Just picked up The Witcher 2 from JB :)

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