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Man, it's a quiet week. Not to say there isn't new games, just that only one is really interesting... everyone stay calm and keep playing Fez, The Witcher 2 and Trials Evolution!

Bejeweled 3 (360)

What is it? It's Bejeweled. Another one. Should you care? Man, I don't know if the 360 version of this game is the one to get.

Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL (Wii)

What is it? I HAVE NO EARTHLY IDEA I'M TOO OLD FOR THIS! Should you care? Probably not...

Prototype 2 (360/PS3)

What is it? Sequel to Prototype, an anti-superhero experience that I sort of enjoyed back in the day. Should you care? It has the worst trailer, but I'm pretty confident this will be worth playing. I'll be giving it a bash for sure.

Putty Squad (PS Vita)

What is it? Remake of the classic Amiga game. Should you care? Hard to say how this one has aged...


    You know why it's a quiet week? Because there's no TAY yet. :P

      Thiiis. We're all camped out in old TAY waiting for the new one to arrive :D

      Also, think I'd like Prototype 2. The first one wasn't bad. A little unpolished and porty (I had the PC version) but a good deal of fun.

        The PC version was atrocious.

        I didn't even know PT2 was coming out soon, and I try to stay up-to-date with gaming news. Seems they did a poor job advertising it.

    I haven't tried the first prototype yet. Maybe I should get it.

      you should.

      Mindless destructive fun

        I will. It has been on the 2 for $40 shelf on JB for a while now.

          yeah, get it. I loved it. Running around town as this destructive beast is great fun. I didn't realise the new one was coming out this week, so I'm quite pumped now.

      I personally wouldn't bother, I'd invest that money into Prototype 2.

      The original Prototype IMO was a lot like the original Assassin's Creed, it had great game mechanics (like Chuloopa said it's mindless destructive fun), but the overall game was sorely lacking. I remember thinking (that just like Assassin's Creed) the sequel to this game is going to be awesome. I gave up on Prototype long before the game's end, it got terribly repetitive and boring. My $0.02.

        Thanks for that input. I'd always considered getting Prototype but if it is as repititive as you say, then I'm glad I've given it a miss.

        The first Assassin's Creed remains as my most hated game this generation because of its repitition.

        This ^ It only took about 4 or 5 hours but I was fighting off Hordes of Zombies in a warehouse thinking - holy crap the whole game is gonna be like this, their model of New York was bland, the whole look was slightly worse than a PS2 game (it really annoyed me that taxi cabs would go transparent when you picked them up) and after about 1 hour you've seen most of the cool attacks and moves at your disposal.

        A lot of the in-game footage of No 2 shows that their team has actually sought to improve a lot of stuff, it definitely looks a lot better, whether it's better to play, I'll wait for some reviews.

    Nothing for me this week. I should get around to playing Prototype from my backlog too ><

    Wait, Prototype 2 is out already?... Damn... Guess I'll just wait til it gets a bit cheaper.

    i wish more games would released between april and june instead of everything in september-november. just so that theres good games comming out all year round and preventing lesser known games from going up against games like CoD

    I'll check out Prototype 2. I never did finish the first game but I did enjoy it.

    Bejeweled 3 should be out on PSN also...

    I'll pick up Prototype also, maybe look to finish the first one, hopefully the second is improved some of the annoying things though.

    Gonna skip on Prototype 2. I might pick it up later when it's cheaper, but for now I have too many games to play.

    walking dead (pc,xbla) battle forge(xbla) deep black (xbla) also out this week

    I'd be interested in Prototype 2 but I've not finished the first one yet.
    Keep meaning to, but keep putting it off. Maybe someday...

    But yeah. Walking Dead is out this week also. Got that preordered.

    Super Putty looks alright on Vita, but if its $60 Aus they can jam it!

    Still have so much to catch up on from last week!

    Mount and Blade, if you haven't picked up the collection off the weekend steam deal, then do it now, best sword combat game ever.

    MacGuffin's Curse was released on Fri, but available on Steam from Sat - does that count as this week? Aussie developer: worth a feature.

    Also Humble launched another bundle. Seems to be the debut of Botanicula:

      MacGuffins Curse is well worth a look. Solid puzzler with a lot of little extras.

    I really enjoyed Prototype... until the final boss fight, which had me ready to throw my TV out the window. Boss with nearly one-hit-kill attacks and a 10 minute time limit (which you WILL use up) to wear down his ridiculously long health bar... ugh...

    Because of that, I'll get Prototype 2... eventually. But it's not a day 1 for me.

    I preferred infamous BUT if proto 2 is really really good I will get it eventually. trying to smas pile shame by may 15 as Diablo and max Payne will be eating my life up.

    Will be picking up Prototype 2, and splitting my time between that and TW2 for the next few weeks.

    I just got Trials Evolution, The Witcher 2, and the Mount and Blade collection... I'm kind of glad there's nothing for me this week.

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