This Weekend, Everyone Can Play Diablo III. Even You. And You.

Listen up. From noon on Friday, April 20 (Pacific) until 10:00am (Pacific) on Monday, April 23, Diablo III will be in open beta. Meaning anyone with a valid account can get in on the action.

To download the client now ahead of time, click here. Once downloaded and once the weekend rolls around, you'll be able to play all five classes up to level 13.

If you don't have a account from WoW or StarCraft II, it's free. You can get that process started here.


    Oh man this is the best 420 ever

    Noon on 20 April (PST) is 6am on 21 April (Australian east-coast time).

      That's 4am over here west. *Sets alarm*

      Actually I might be wrong. Someone else has told me 5am because of daylight time over in the US (I looked up PST but they're on PDT).

    how big is the download? o.o

      15 GB to total. Good thing my data resets on sunday and i have plenty to spare

        aw thats way to much for me, I might have to go play outside =(

          3.5GB download, 15GB for install, would be compressed

        You might be looking a the retail client, my beta folder is 7gig and the download is around 4.2 g

    Oh Yeah! : )

    wheres my HTS, Blizzard!

    Great... the one weekend when I am up at a farm with no PC and no internet connection... well fuck.

      Great... The one weekend where my girlfriend is away and I'm home alone the entire time with a PC & an Internet Connection... Oh wait :D

    Already had a mate in the US give me his beta key. I have to say that I surprised myself by how quickly I was bored with the beta. Haven't logged in since, but I'm getting fidgety waiting for the 15th of May >:)

    Well, there goes my weekend. Thanks a lot, Blictivision.

    I thought everyone hated Activision, blah blah, never play another Acti game blah blah?
    Hmm just as I thought....

      We do hate them! We are just taking a brief break from boycotting.

      this isnt Activision, this is Blizzard. Yes I am aware about the merger. But the companies are apparently seperate, despite Activisions influences.

    When you get bored of your character...just think...what would Limp Bizkit do?


    come on someone upload it onto bigpond gamearena

    Inb4 Blizzards servers crash.

      Well it is a stress test

        I just realised there are actually a couple of very high-profile StarCraft 2 tournaments (MLG, Dreamhack) this weekend. Could a Blizzard server overload affect those tournaments? I thought maybe it could, since there is cross-communication between StarCraft and WoW servers so Diablo might share some server...things? I don't really know what I'm talking about =(

    "If you don’t have a account from WoW or StarCraft II, it’s free."
    Um, or a account from Diablo 2? Am I old?

      I believe they upgraded a couple of years ago, the old Diablo/D2 accounts aren't valid anymore.

    God damnit!!! The day after I hit my cap on Internet is the day this started!!! Fml!!!

    anyone in yet?

      Error 3003 here. Might take awhile before the servers are sorted out.

        3003 means wrong server, only americas is up.
        Options->Account->Region -> Set to Americas.
        Now you get error 37, full servers :P

    still nothing @ 5:25. Just getting 3003 errors...

    so close to demonic hellspawn.....

    still says i need to disable my anti virus to make it run

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