Those Dudes In Castlevania Are Pretty Intense

Unlike the Konami of the day, which relies almost entirely on milking a couple of key franchises and selling mobile games in Japan, the Konami of the 1980s was a more exciting company. You could say, in fact, they were jammin.


    Need I point out the horrible error in the first sentence? I think not.

    Considering that this article is only 2 sentences long, that makes for a 50% failure rate in the writing of this article. Sigh.

      Shut up. Seriously.

        Get out of here, you filthy Plunkett apologist.

    I'm actually surerispd how crappy those cameras actually are XD;; I didn't expect them to be 0.3 megapixels.That's unfortunate how bad the web browser is. That seemed like it could have been a cool feature. Though the game prices are pricy compared to ones from Apple, I can still see people getting them. (I uh would.)I was wondering whether or not I should look into getting a DSi right now. I guess I'll wait on it. Thanks for the review!

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