Time To Play "What The Hell Is This Thing Sony Just Patented?"

What the hell is this? A steering wheel? A jet fighter's yoke? It's certainly a peripheral for the PlayStation Move, with swing-wing handle grips out at the side. Why is that feature necessary?

Who the crap knows. This device is, however, patented, and the patent was published on April 3 (it was applied for about a year ago). PlayStation Lifestyle draws comparisons between it and the weird Xbox 360 driving handlebar-thing controller for Forza 4 that I could never quite get the hang of. This sucker also has a thumbstick and face buttons, sort of like the 360's whatever-that-was.

Driving controller? Flight controller? Jet-Ski joystick? I'm at a loss for what this could or should manipulate.

Sony Patents Bizarre Pumpable Move Peripheral, Creates World's Largest Controller [PlayStation LifeStyle]


    I would say, going buy what is there, that there trying to make a proper controler/move combo... thing...

      Zelda Sword Handle

    I think your right. It's definitely a controller type thingy for doing things..... maybe ;P

    You know when the power rangers would merge all of their weapons to form 1 mega weapon? This looks like that, but without the awesome.

    It's obviously a boomerang - Which means we're going to see Ty The Tasmanian Tiger for PS3 in a move title.

    Well space sims are starting to make a comeback...


        Tie Fighter would be the game that would make me buy a Move. That or Point Blanc. :D

    Sword Handle/Hilt

    Its for games like motorstorm


    Looks pretty cool.

    Given the arms there can extend out, that could be a motorbike/jetski controller in one instance, or even a "Superman" flying controller.

    You could possibly flip it sideways to make it a bow as well.

    Interested to see if this becomes reality!

    Reminds me of motorbike or bicycle handlebars...

    As a prostitute robot from the future, all I can say is that looks HOT.

    Stargate controller

    Can't they just stop wasting their time with such waggle-tastic garbage, and make a new Guncon and Point Blank already.

    Its obviously Sailor Moon's new weapon agains the Negaverse.

    Why does it only have one analogue stick?

    If you're gonna make something that huge and ridiculous - at least put all the controls on it that you can!

    And they wonder why their company is going downhill

    If it fails as a peripheral, with a few tweaks, it would be an awesome ship design for a space game.

    Note that the move controller is not permanent, and you probably have to provide your own. Sold Seperately.

    More likely this is the handlebars for the jetpack the CEO of Sony is building to escape headquarters with, before they find him and throw him off the roof.

    Clearly a steering wheel or yoke the problem I have is that it looks massive, and a steering wheel that is not attached to anything is at best annoying.
    I didn't mind my old MS Freestyle Pro back in the day.. it was sorta good for stuff like Freespace 2... but this looks like trash

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