Today Is My Last Day At Kotaku

Yes, that is a giant Gummi Bear (although I believe its official name is "Party Bear"). Yes, that is a Game & Watch sitting in the belly of the bear. And yes, today Kotaku AU says goodbye to Elly Hart and myself!

As Elly wrote this morning, she's moving to Vancouver. She'll still be Kotaku's night editor, she'll just be doing the job from the other side of the planet.

Today is also my last day at Kotaku. I'll still be in Sydney and I'll still be writing about video games; I'll just be doing it for a different media outlet. I cannot say where I am going, but the announcement will come very soon!

I do feel a bit sad about leaving — Kotaku has been such a wonderful place to work. I have written more feature articles in my nine months here than I ever did in my years as a freelancer, I have never encountered a more wonderful and friendly online community, and I have never worked with an editor as funny, as Scottish, or with a good an eye for detail as Mark Serrels.

Earlier today someone asked me about my highlight of working at Kotaku. I answered that working with Serrels is probably the most fun I have ever had (that man knows how to whip an article into shape! He is like that scary drill sergeant who yells at the fat people in The Biggest Loser, except he is not scary and I am not fat (yet)). The other highlight that I should have mentioned is the regular interaction with the Kotaku readers, particularly the ones who haunt Talk Amongst Yourselves (TAY). You guys are awesome and I appreciate everything you have done for me.

I'll still have a few posts coming over the next week and my Tasty Tasty Grandpa developer diary will continue to run until it's done.

I hope you've enjoyed my time at Kotaku because it has been an absolute pleasure working here. Do stay in touch! You can follow me on Twitter where I will flood your feed with news about what my dogs are eating.



    No, Bubble-T, don't leave us!


    Take care of yourself Tracey! Thanks for being a fantastic journalist! You've put a lot of heart into your work and I've enjoyed it immensely. I hope the future is just as rewarding for you!

      She will be bubble-T no matter where she is working

      I hope this is the beginnings of bigger and better things for you bubble-T

        It is probably the best nickname I've ever been given.

    Thanks Tracey, mainly for being so responsive in the comments sections. All the best.


    All the best to you both. Thank you for the laughter and the tears.

    Looking forward to hearing where you end up Trace.

    Farewell, and good luck with your future endeavors!

    You're awesome Tracey. Wish you all the best.
    Gonna miss your witty banter about the office!
    Though, on the upside, now I can leave my mail on your desk. ;)

    This made me genuinely sad, I was actually thinking earlier today how much I always enjoy your articles. Thanks for this poorly-timed kick in the balls! :P
    Good luck for the future.

      There's a well timed kick in the balls?

        Hmmm... I think there is. Say, like after someone says "I thought Phantom Menace was fantastic, a really great addition to the saga."

        Haha, well, poorly-timed in that it caused maximum pain by being directly after a positive feeling.

    all the best Tracey. Sad that you're leaving. Your articles on Kotaku AU have always been interesting and wonderful to read.

    Best regards to Elly as well.

    p/s: will be following you and Elly on twitter as i want to know exactly what the dogs are eating :P

    Good luck in the future Tracey. I always enjoyed reading your articles:)

    =( but but, why? Remember to visit TAY though ! =D

    One of us, one of us, one of us, one of us.

    Bye Tracey, good luck at your new job.
    Your articles will be missed. You will be missed =(
    I am going to miss seeing Humphrey and Isabella most mornings D=
    Also, what are they eating? My dog is eating skittles.

    It's been great reading your work, I'll miss it. Good luck with whatever you're up to next!

    Thank you for covering our maiden game on Show And Tell and then again on release. It really meant a lot to everyone involved to have coverage alongside AAA titles.

    What?! This is the worst Easter EVER!

    ....And by that i mean good luck!

    Woah.. talk about being blindsided!

    I am sinserrely sad to hear this news :(

    We're going to miss you, trace-face!

    Best of luck and thanks for everything - you've been absolutely awesome!

    All the best with the future Tracey, have really enjoyed your work!

    But... but... D-':

    I'll miss you Tracy! And Elly, I'll miss you too! Sort of. Well, we'll probably have the same minimal amount of contact, but it's sad to know you won't be in the same country. Well, it's Canada, so that's awesome then.

    BUT I STILL SAD TO SEE YOU TWO GO. The dose of oestrogen you gave to counteract Mark's... Scottish... was great, and I don't know how we'll cope without you.

    I expect within a month Kotaku will be like Lord of the Flies. The question on everyone's mind: who will be Piggy?

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