How Tony Hawk Never Gave Up On Tony Hawk's, Or His Favourite Level...

It's difficult to argue against the fact the once untouchable Tony Hawk's franchise has been on a downward trajectory for the past three or four years, but Tony Hawk himself has refused to give up on the series, and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD is the end result.

In a really interesting interview with IGN, Tony Hawk revealed just how hard he had to push for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD to get made — initially Activision wasn't too keen — and how he had to fight for some of his own personal favourite levels to be included in the package.

"They knew better than I did that they didn't have time to develop it in short of a year," says Tony Hawk, who was looking for all four original games to be re-released on a disc package, "that it wasn't the right time."

As a digital release, Tony Hawk hopes Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD can be a baseline for other famous levels from the series — and even possibly release brand new levels.

"Now we can do it as digital content and make it that much less expensive. We're releasing this game for $15, which is totally unheard of for a big franchise game."

Tony Hawk's personal favourite level from the original game is Downhill Jam. Apparently Hawk had to fight for its inclusion.

"When we were deciding levels I kept bringing it up," said Hawk. "Nobody was really embracing it or acknowledging it. So I went as far as to say I think it's the favorite of a lot of people and we did our own sort of quick survey, I did it through Twitter. Downhill Jam came in at, like, third-to-last."

Eventually, it seems as though Activision gave up, and Downhill Jam made it into the package.

Tony Hawk Wants to Bring a Dead Genre to HD Life [IGN]


    Not trolling because I used to love this series, but unfortunately Skate has taught me much better controls and I just can't go back to this. Interesting to hear he stilll plays such an active role in development (or whatever?)

      I feel like I'm ready to play Tony Hawk's again, but I hear you. I'd much rather have a new, rebuilt Skate. Skate 2 is one of my favourite games ever.

        I hear that man.

        I don't know how i'm going to go changing back to "X to ollie". Although if it has the same soundtrack as the old games, it'll make it that little bit easier.

      Is Skate 2 any different to the third one? Because I'm playing Skate 3 right now and it's pretty average. It's supposed realism is just ridiculous most of the time . Using the thumbstick to do everything doesn't make it real, it just frustrating. If I wanted to skate realistically, I'd try learning to skate. But I'd much rather be flying up in to the air and doing 3,000,000 point combos. Bring it on THPS HD! :)

    I'd love for famous stuff like the ramp from Animal Chin, the DelMar park and Mega Ramp (XGames style) to be in there somewhere (for all I know these were in previous games).

    Bring this on I say!

    needs some of the original soundtrack too...

    I'm replaying all my original xbox THPS games after getting a new xbox 360 (can't transfer those ones), they are still fun, finished 3,4 & working on Thug. looking forward to THHD.

      I recently just bought a pre-owned copy of THAW on 360 and have been playing it everday for the last week, now am eagerly awaiting this little gem!

    What the hell is going on here? All that they are supposed to be doing is remaking all the levels from the first game with today's graphics, how can anyone possibly screw this up? Sounds like EA have found a way, it sounds like they THINK they're putting some levels from 2 & 3 in there and leaving out some of the ones from #1, wtf?

      Actually, the plan was always to be an updated engine running a selection of geometrically updated THPS 1 and 2 levels, despite the name seeming to indicate that it was a HD release of THPS1. First article that mentioned it was I believe, but most previous articles about the game have also stated this.

    Nothing ever made me feel more like I had skillz than this game.

    Well, except GoldenEye, I guess.

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