Trials HD Riddle: Answer To Be Revealed April 10

A few months ago I posted an article that introduced many of you to the Trials HD riddle and provided a follow up once a few more clues had been unravelled. The most overwhelming aspect of this was the response I received from the readers of this site.

Many of you have either posted in the comments or contacted me via Xbox Live, Twitter or have joined in on the discussions on the official Redlynx forums. Some have offered alternative theories and others have just shared words of support. It has been hugely encouraging for the entire community that have been working to solve this that there are people out there who are supporting us to the end.

After laying the clues out in these articles, many of you realised that while we had uncovered so much about the individual clues, we were no closer to uncovering the question, let alone the answer to this riddle. It seemed that we would never get an answer. Well, it seems that Redlynx has heard your pleas and have posted this video.

That's right, after more than two and a half years, we are only a few days away from learning the answer to the Trials HD riddle.

Be sure to read Kotaku early next week when it is all revealed. Note that due to time differences, this may in fact by April 11 for Australian readers.

Just to highlight how important the Kotaku Australia community have been in solving this riddle, I can confirm that the music was made by one of our community members and if you look really hard at the end of the video, there is even artwork by another Kotaku AU community member. Full details will be revealed next week!


    Picture at the 40 second mark

    Thanks again Logan for posting this. Awesome to see the riddle coming to a conclusion. And that futuarama reference isn't just for fun. Find out what they have in common in the next article;)

    >"Be sure to read Kotaku early next week when it is all revealed. Note that due to time differences, this may in fact by April 11 for Australian readers."
    Consideration for us, the Australian readers! Fatshady is a saint.

    It's bloody nice to see some answers for this. Usually when devs make Easter eggs, their stance is "we'll never tell you, you'll find them eventually!"
    At least, that's Epic's stance on whatever remaining eggs there are in Gears of War

      Thanks man. I realised last night that the time difference would impact us so glad you appreciated it dude. I try and think about you guys ;)

      Really looking forward to the big reveal. You can find out who from this community was involved, what the answer is and ill explain a bit more about the journey of getting to this point.

    Is that Sughly art?
    And Pez music?
    What a glorious combination.


      you are not prepared!!!
      And neither am i...
      Looks good eitherway. Can't wait

    Is the answer that there is a new Trials game coming out? Cause that would be underwhelming.

    When I was looking at the riddle posted on XBLA fans it looked quite obvious at first that the answer was human evolution, but with urion the hunter constalation and the many leonardo da Vinci artefacts it may very well be his studies.
    If what fat shady says about futurama reference is true it may even be talking about that one futurama episode where they find leonardo on another planet lol who knows :D

    Kinda wish they wouldn't reveal it, wanted to believed that it could really be solved one day and show up on the gaming news as "Ancient game's riddle finally solved!"

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