Two Monkeys Play Angry Birds Space

These two capuchin monkeys, Sasha and Thor, are mascots for Houston's Gallery Furniture. Here, some brave iPad owner handed them Angry Birds Space to play. Not only did they not completely break the device, Thor even three-starred a level. See for yourself in the video above.

Their Angry Birds technique is remarkably similar to mine, and by that I mean slapping the screen while wondering how this damn thing is supposed to be solved.

According to the video's YouTube caption, if you're in the Houston area you can head to Gallery Furniture and watch Sasha and Thor play in person. If you do, ask them how to three-star level 4-2 for me, OK?


    cute as...

    That Sasha monkey actually started to get it, they're pretty damn smart.

    I still don't get how creationists can look at stuff like this and not see the resemblance to us.

    @Lachlan: I still don't get how derpy athiests ignore the cosmological argument and the fact that without a creator there would be no morals.

      wow..that's an ambitious declaration. As an agnostic (yeah yeah) I really don't care but to assume that the non existence of any kind of god predetermines that we would have not morals is outlandish. I, personally, do not believe in a god but do the right thing based on my own morals. If it was legal to kill or assault I wouldn't do it, because I think it is wrong, yet there are people who believe heavily in a god that go so far as to kill and maim in the name of their god....I'm not trying to pass judgement on you and your belief system, but to make such an outlandish remark with a feaux name of DoSomeResearch really speaks volumes to your character.
      This is, of course, removing the 9/11 attacks and the crusades from the equation....morals dependant on a god, I think not

      @DoSomeResearch,.....what? where is the logic in that statement? how does having a creator = us having morals? That has to be the most illogical argument I have ever seen a creationist make...and also claiming it to be word.
      Unlike Zac, I will pass judgement on your belief system - you should feel bad about your opinions, they are terrible.

    There are a hell of a lot more monkeys playing Angry Birds than just these two... some of them even paid for it :P

    Do't mean to be anal about this, but technically it doesn't show them achieving the 3-star level.

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