Video Games Are Killing The Proud, Ancient Art Of Lumberjacking

Research firm CareerCast have long been cataloguing the worst jobs in America, and nearly every time, lumberjacks rank at or near the bottom.

It's easy to see why. The pay is bad, jobs are getting harder and harder to come by, it's hard work and it's dangerous work.

According to Jake Rosa, the owner of Dry Brook Custom Sawmilling in Upstate New York, none of those things are really to blame. Instead, it's video games!

"It's not that the demand for the job is declining. It's finding people who want to do it and work hard at it that is declining." Rosa says. "We're still using paper and wood products all the time, but nowadays, kids would rather play video games instead of working hard and getting their hands dirty."

Well of course you would. So would adults! I mean, come on, if you were asked "what would you rather do: risk death in a really hard job or play video games", if you pick the former, you're a lunatic.

The 10 Worst Jobs of 2012 [CareerCast]


    This is a public service annoucement to promote the lumberjack proffesion

    Yeah, damn prepubescents having fun and enjoying their childhoods, they should be dodging giant trees and risking amputation.

    The reason hard work is becoming less common is because people are finding better ways of doing it.

    Some wise guy once said that anything worth having was going to be hard to get, and he didn't mean finishing all the achievements in skyrim. He then said as long as he died doin what he loved, he'd be content in knowing that he lived his life to the fullest. Maybe you should be a little less narrow minded in your opinions, as most games I play are never as exciting as getting half way up a tree and pruning some branches. And I'm not even getting paid to do it. Lol

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