Virtual Boy-Carrying Champion Gatecrashes Pop Star Dance Audition

Virtual Boy-Carrying Champion Gatecrashes Pop Star Dance Audition

Keith Apicary, who in the absence of anything neater I’m just going call a video game comedian.

We’ve featured Apicary’s work before, but this takes things to a whole new level of laugh your arse off, as he visits a backup dancer audition for a role in a Kimberly Cole music video.

What’s most amazing isn’t the fact there’s a Virtual Boy in the room. It’s that the guy can really dance.


  • You do realise that Plunkett’s articles are syndicated from the US site?
    Why don’t you go there & spout your inane rubbish?
    Or perhaps you don’t have the balls to do it where luke will see it?

      • Because there’s a chance that the Aussie editors might pull his dumb articles if enough people call him out on his relinked bullshit. Crap from Gizmodo US flows downhill all the time, so Aussie editors often have to pull the worst articles. I with Kotaku did the same.

  • Holy crap that looked awesome. I wish my headphones were working so I could hear wtf he was dancing to… Although Chazz makes me rethink that.

    • The previous generation wept for yours, their previous generation weft for theirs, every generation is different, accept it or look old bitter and ignorant.

      That was epic, that guy must have really blown them away when it turned out he wasn’t messing around and could really move!

      • Bullshit, compare the popular music of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and even (some) of the 80’s with what is being called ‘music’ through the 90’s and 2000’s and you will find that it’s not much of a comparison. Most music today SUCKS at being music, it’s just a marketing tool now, part of a wider barrage of movies/tv shows/products/etc made to be disposable, forgettable and to sell units.

        Add to this the fact that there is no longer an underground or independent ‘scene’ as everything is accessible all the time via the internet and most of it has become a rancid cesspool of throw away trends and blatant copying of pop crap, albeit watered down.

        I’m not bitter i swear…

        • Whoa whoa whoa…. I will not defend the poppy crap from the 90s on, but the early 90s still had some good stuff going on…

          and there is still good music going on here and there… it’s just few and far between 😛

  • I was ready to hate this guy all over again after the unfunny mega-douchery of that first Virtual Boy video, but that was actually pretty awesome.

  • Those swipes weren’t bad, just have to get them going around in more of a circle. Opening with a backflip is a good way to show you’re not here to mess around too. Props.

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