Want Access To The Secret World Beta? Play The Secret War

Want Access To The Secret World Beta? Play The Secret War

Funcom’s supernatural MMO The Secret World isn’t due out until June, but the struggle between the Dragon, the Illuminati, and the Templar secret societies begins today with the launch of The Secret War, a browser-based battle for world domination.

Choose your side, recruit your Facebook friends, and begin spreading propaganda in order to secure real-world locations for your preferred faction. The Secret War lets players share links to exclusive The Secret World videos and images, each click increasing their faction’s powers. It’s brilliant marketing.

For instance, clicking this link takes you to an exclusive video and helps me take Georgia for the Dragon clan. Just click the damn link.

What do players get for rising up the ranks? They’ll unlock exclusive in-game items and access to upcoming beta test weekends and could win a trip to Montreal to meet the game’s dev team and possibly have their name included in the final product.

Have you clicked that link yet? Georgia is not going to take over itself.

The Secret War [Facebook]


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