Wasteland 2 Has Now Made $3m From People Like You

The grassroots initiative to generate a sequel to old-school CRPG Wasteland wrapped up last night by getting more than triple the amount that InXile Entertainment was asking for. In addition to the $US2,933,147 raised on Kickstarter, $US108,803 has donated through PayPal.

Passing $US3 million means that a mod kit will be made available for the in-development RPG, meaning that players of the post-apocalyptic game will be able to graft their own inventions onto the release. So, money's coming in and development is surely happening. All that's left is the waiting, right?

Wasteland 2 [Kickstarter]


    Can proudly say I donated $265 towards the cause. Now we have to wait over a year til it's released. It's going to be a long wait :(

    Well I could only afford to chip in 15 bucks but I can say I'm glad to have helped.

    Now we just have to hope that it doesn't turn out shit eh?

    made money? sounds tad cynical.
    perhaps i'm reading the heading wrong, but the T&Cs mean that the $3M isnt profit. Its $3M that a lot of people invested, of sorts, into seeing a glorious memory brought back to life.

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