Watch As Dubstep Ruins Your Favourite Video Game

Kotaku's own stationary troubadour Kirk Hamilton has already shown you how some movies can be improved/ruined by the addition of dubstep. Now it's time to see how video games can be improved/ruined by it.

New games, old games, it doesn't matter. These videos are taking a game, ripping its heart out, showing you a few seconds of gameplay then abruptly going "WUBWUBWUBWUBMMMWWWUUMMM".

I wasted a good portion of last night punishing myself in this NeoGAF thread, watching as with each press of F5 another of my most cherished video game memories (System Shock 2, Phoenix Wight) was kind of destroyed, and kind of made absolutely hilarious.

Youtube your favourite game + dubstep [NeoGAF]


    streets of rage one is actually pretty good

    Well this post was an utter letdown since the hilarious first video implied the rest would be like that...

      Man, Kotaku in charge of giving shitty articles almost half a year past its relevant date.
      I'm in a good mood, so have one for your troubles, the suggestions should give you more.

        This one's probably my favourite.

    The 4th one is not dubstep at all. It's a diverse genre, but not that diverse ;)

      start sounds bit hardstyle like


    That's the most exciting that Train Simulator has ever gotten.

    Dubstep improves should be the title

    Only watched the first vid (currently shaped geez) but that's definitely a case of Dubstep improving gaming :P

    Here's another case of Dubstep makign a game even more excellent that it originally was!


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