Watch Foxconn Workers Make An IPad

Apple, Microsoft, Sony, and other companies have repeatedly come under scrutiny in recent months and years for the conditions under which their high-tech gadgets are made.

Reporter Rob Schmitz visited Foxconn's Longhua facility in Shenzhen, China. The video from his trip shows the actual process of making an iPad, which is surprisingly fascinating. It's one thing to get a look at the inside of a PC or a console; we're used to being able to access those parts. But Apple's devices are infamously sleek and their design deliberately hides not only the parts within, but the idea that there are parts within. From motherboard to touchscreen, here's a look at the bits that make the magic happen.

VIDEO: Watch an iPad get made from the Foxconn factory floor [American Public Media]


    You know it dosen't look that bad, but how many hours a week do they have to work?I know they don't get paid much but isn't that their goverments fault for fixing the price of the yen and keeping it artificaly low?At least in part.I've got a friend who works in a boot factory in Adelaide who only gets like $15 an hour and been there for years.I tell him to get a better paying job but I think He's incapable, Hell even servo's and woolies pay $20 an hour.

      It's not yen. Yen is Japan.
      It's yuan.

      Keeping the yuan low should allow Apple to pay them more (cost less in US dollars) - not sure what the effect of the low yuan is on buying power within China though.

      Its all relative. everything in china is cheap. If you paid them 15 an our they would be very well off and better qualified people would rather work there then at there current jobs. Thats what what a lot of people forget when they hear that they are getting paid $15 a day. In india $8000 is considered heaps and they get this when they work for telcos since they have to be able to speak multiple languages and so are actually fairly well qualified.

    broken link is broken

      just delete the " at the end of the url and it works

    I'm sorry but what is this supposed to prove?

    If a westerner is filming in China you better believe the place is running smooth.

    Interview a bunch of workers off camera and THEN you have a real story.

    But don’t take my word for it just read these articles.


      I do believe they are better in SOME ways to other chinese factories for sure. But I still cannot believe that they are treating their employees reasonably.

    omg typical americans pov he prob works for foxconn $14 a day is not enough for them the apartments in china cost nearly the same amount as a house in australia if not more, they can never buy a house, the food is cheaper, but they cant buy a lv bag for sure, the problem with china is its overpopulated so this shit job is better then no job = no food. therefore the one child policy. they do like at least 10 hr shifts of repetitive shit therefore = suicide. america is tryin to push the yuan up so the goods sold to america arent as cheap therefore u would buy american made products to bring china down. yuan goin up = china going down. you would expect more pay from foxconn seeing one ipad is ike $800? im against apple so i wouldnt know.

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