Watch Little Link Complete Ocarina Of Time In Just 25 Minutes

A recently discovered warp glitch in The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time on Nintendo 64 has almost halved the time it takes to complete the game, if you're determined to do it as quickly as possible. In the video above, the player, who goes by the name "ZeldaFreakGlitcha" on YouTube, blasts through the classic in a bit under 26 minutes.

The warp glitch reportedly allows the player to teleport from "Deku to Ganon's Castle escape", which means bypassing "adult, light medallion, magic, lullaby, and pretty much everything else". The result is a child version of Link running around with an adult Zelda, which I dare say will give your filthy, filthy minds plenty of fodder for the next few weeks.

I know there are different categories of speed runs, some that don't allow for glitches, so if you're a purist this might turn you off. For the rest of us, it's a crazy peek inside the world of gamers obsessed with not only completing games, but completing them in less time so they have more time to, uh, complete them in less time.

The creator says the run was "not great" and that he made "lots of dumb mistakes". We should expect better runs in the future, and I'm scared to think how much lower his times can get.

Ocarina of Time any% speedrun in 25:32 [YouTube]


    I wish I was clever enough to figure out what he was doing at the end of the Deku tree boss battle.

      He did a leap attack, but timed it so he'd both hit the boss and land on the boss (taking damage) so he'd die.

    It was impressive until the go to final boss fight for free pass =/

    Oooh i see! this is a glitch that depends on the location value being returned to the wrong spot, while the cutscene thats meant to play is located at X, but for a multitude of reasons, X gets a few more values added to it, when the value is at a certain point, it changes from being X which is the cutscene, to Y which is that tower room.
    I think thats right.

    To answer the question of How they find it, they use an emulator and watch the values, compare them, and find any that link up, and how you'd connect them.

    wow, i thought i was a nerd


    I'm amazed that the animations of young and old manage to... link... up.

      While I'm not deaf to the pun, they used the same animations on both models but scaled them up and down in order to save space.

    Always thought it was kinda silly in these Zelda games that you could move faster running backwards than you could forwards.

      And by "these Zelda games" I obviously mean the two N64 ones.

    It worked a treat ... When you 64 controller was flogged and the forward didn't work so good, you could run backwards in zelda :-) story of my childhood lol

    How did he get the game to think he was using the Master Sword? Because the fight goes on forever with the Biggoron sword, let alone the Kokiri sword.

    Hurrah, that's what I was exploring for, what a material! present here at this webpage, thanks admin of this website.

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