Watch Skyward Sword Being Played With An Xbox 360 Controller…

Watch Skyward Sword Being Played With An Xbox 360 Controller…

I was one of those weird people that really loved the Wii Motion+ controls for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, but there were gamers who couldn’t stand them. Looking to play the game with more traditional controls? Well, you may want to have a gander at this guy playing the game with a 360 controller.

He’s playing on a PC of course, using the Dolphin Emulator, which also allows you to play in HD if you have the processing power.

I had issues with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, but almost none were related to the controls. But I know a fair amount of my friends were put off by the game’s insistence on using motion controls for the minutiae of the game’s design. Still, Skyward Sword is an incredible game, and if this is what it takes for a few more people to experience it, then I’m all for it!

You can also download this particular control set-up here.

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  • It’s piracy, but this gives me the kick in the bum to go finish my real version. Will boot it up tonight!

  • I loved the motion controls on Skyward Sword. Sure there were a few niggles, like having to recalibrate the pointer at times, but overall the sword fighting was awesome. Going back to standard controls on Ocarina 3D is less fun in my opinion.

  • I’ve tried to get a few Wii games I own running on PC, and the difference is incredible. Epic Yarn looks twice as good in HD as it does in low res on my TV, and apparently the same is true for skyward sword. I just can’t get the damn motion controls working on my computer, so I’m waiting for a price drop and I’ll just play it in standard def on my television.

    • I loaded Dolphin to test out Skyward Sword and the difference is INCREDIBLE. Everything looks sharper and there were settings that increased the draw distance dramatically. If the Wii U allowed you to play Wii games at a similar level of HD it would be worth the purchase price alone.

      I played through a whole dungeon on my computer hooked up to the TV, but had to return to the Wii to finish it, because the motions controls were glitchy. Going back was so sad, it was like someone had put vaseline on the screen 🙁

      • The WiiU is going to have that feature guaranteed. And they’ll talk it up heaps and say the WiiU is amazing for doing it, but PC’s have been doing it for years.

        • ‘guaranteed’
          They’ve already said the backwards-compatibility for Wii won’t be upscaled in any way. Guess you’ll have to stick with Dolphin!

  • This is something I’ve been hoping for for quite a while. MotionPlus stuff is too finnicky for me. The entire time I was playing the game, I was wishing for a proper controller so I wouldn’t feel like I was constantly wrestling with the game to make it do what I want (which was throwing me out and preventing me feeling immersed at all).

    Rather than being designed around Motion, it still had the same problem as Twilight Princess on Wii, which is that the motion controls are simply a mapping to the real controls.

    • it still had the same problem as Twilight Princess on Wii, which is that the motion controls are simply a mapping to the real controls.

      I haven’t played Skyward Sword much but you’re right about Twilight Princess. I never felt like I was doing anything more than replacing the A button with a gesture. It didn’t stop me from enjoying the game but I would have been more at home with a GameCube controller. They could have added stuff to make the change feel a bit more worthwhile, but that probably would have just resulted in an annoying change to the formula.

  • You guys are making some pretty good arguments for replacing my Wii which I haven’t touched in years with a this Dolphin emulator (I know it’s stupid, but I just can’t go back and forth between the Wii and 360, there’s such a leap in image quality that I just can’t help but get distracted by it). Can I just throw a retail Wii disc in the DVD drive and play? Or does it require an image file?

  • Why is the first thing that people shout is Piracy when using emulators, I use Dolphin and can play original gamecube games (certain LG drives can read the gamecube format perfectly), and to Dogman Wii games should play ok in a standard drive but I am using the above LG make so google to be sure but you will need at least a 3Ghz multi core to get any sort of performence out of Dolphin as it is CPU heavy/dependent,

    • Cheers. The hardware shouldn’t be too much of a problem. If I have to buy a new DVD reader I can live with that. Also thanks for the heads up on the GameCube thing. I assumed it wasn’t possible but I’ve got like 50 GameCube games here so if I do buy another DVD reader I’ll make sure it reads them.

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