Watch Two Guys Get Robbed From Setting A Long Jump Record In Trials Evolution

Two men, three hands and a pair of rubber gloves may not sound like a recipe for video game victory, but it is! Until a cruel glitch denies them their massive accomplishment.

Reader Jeff sent in this profanity-laced video of what's presumably him and his buddies pulling off an epic vault on one of Trials Evolution's levels. It's a bit unclear what's going on, but here's what it looks like to me: The crew had already pulled off an insane jump of more than 750 meters and are teaming up to try and pass that mark. They actually do it and go flying smack dab into the side of a mountain, but their new record doesn't even get registered by the game. The players in the video angrily demand satisfaction from developers RedLynx and I have to agree with them. That is some BS.


    With hands like that they must be a hit with the ladies

    I dont care about their jump.. I just wanna try a can of Diet hansen's natural creamy root beer!!

    Anyone who had watched the replays of other high-flyers would have quickly learned that 753.369 is the max possible.

    And after the failed jump he checked all his friends Prostates,....what?? dont judge me, he's the one wearing latex gloves

    I'm not familiar with the game. Where's the robbery? It looks like they just ran into the side of a mountain.

      they actually flew well past 753m

    Maybe there is something I missed, but why did the dude need gloves?

      I know right.......Why is no one else concerned this guy is wearing rubber gloves

      Probly cuz it's easier to spam the button. Sweaty fingers can get sticky

    video is unavailable. Guessing its been pulled?

      Sweaty fingers???? do fingers even sweat??

        Opps...wrong reply, this was aimed at clee

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