We Danced To Star Wars: Kinect So You Didn't Have To

We've had a copy of Star Wars: Kinect in our New York office for a few days now. Which means, aside from Stephen's upcoming review, people have been dancing their asses off to pop songs.

Pop songs that have been re-worked to include lyrics from the Star Wars universe. While Lando and Boba Fett dance like men possessed. It is as awful as it is entrancing.

In the first clip, fearless Kotaku editor Tina Amini gets down. In the other four, you can see some adapted songs in their entirety, which means you'll also see Lando, Boba, Princess Leia and Slave Princess Leia gyrate to your heart's content.

We've got a review coming up a little later today, while Michael Fahey's Frankenreview will be up later in the afternoon.


    Wont someone think of the children!!

    The goggles......they do nothing

    I watched 36 seconds of the first video, and I think that is enough for me. I, urm, gotta go.. somewhere. Away.

    Tina is pretty good at that. I can imagine her struting those moves in a dance club, and attract attention.


    Magically imbedded within these clips is a small sample of the suicidally powerful psychic pain that every animator who worked on this felt during development of this game. It's almost supernatural the way these videos make me want to just hurl myself away from my monitor.

    This game could literally be used as a torture device. I'm not joking.

    I watched all the videos, found them quite entertaining to see how much of the song they changed to match the star wars theme.


    why, why george luckas why, this is almost as bad as star wars the muscial

    These are nothing less than pure awesome!!!

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