We Have A New Candidate For Worst Box Art Ever

One of the best things about Batman: Arkham City's marketing campaign were the all-white posters showing off the game's characters. They were minimal, they were stylish. So thanks, Warner Bros., for shitting all over them with this atrocious box art.

I get it, Game of the Year editions have some boasting to do, but the boasting shouldn't be the centrepiece of the entire front cover.

If I was an ignorant parent walking into a game store I'd take one look at this and think it was Overblown Games Press Hype 2013, not a re-release of Arkham City.

Especially since they quote Metacritic, a site that only exists to quote other critics.


    so how are the reviews for this game?

    I'm sick of all the crap people put on the cover these days.

    I love those games that come with reversible covers that are just a piece of art.

      your "sick" of it?........ its just a case

        How do you know he's not 'sick' of it? He might be vomiting as we speak. You need to learn to be a bit more considerate of other people's potential illnesses. :-)

        How dare he feel strongly about something! Shame on you Pete!

    I can't take anyone seriously who suggests that Mass Effect is art, if only because of the box. May be arbitrary to some, but I can't imagine Citizen Cane or Led Zepplin IV getting released with shit all over it.


      so many lols

      HAHAHA i lost my shit

      I particularly like the quote from 'YouTube'. Makes me think of US Office... Michael Scott "I hope someone from YouTube comes down to film this."

    ha! not only does it state that its game of the year twice but it used two different scoring systems.

    Seriously? THAT is the box art? As in the actual box that will be distributed to shelves all over the world? That is literally the worst box cover I've ever seen for a game, even after seeing the american Resident Evil 4 gamecube cover.

      Old wounds man! Sure I got the game months earlier than PAL owner by importing but I have to live with the box art every day! :p

        Shit, really? I'm sorry man. When I look at my RE4 GC box, I'm treated with one of the most beautiful covers ever to grace a game box. I can't fathom what'd be like for you to... see that... oh god...

    There a PC version of the goty edition?

    It's shit like this that will drive us all towards digital distribution on consoles. Who gives a toss if it costs more than a physical copy? At least you won't have that... thing... in your house.

    Childhood raped. Who wants to start a petition with me?

      Unless you're only a couple of years old, I don't really see this raping your childhood.

      Only if you can attach a Bioware or Day 1 DLC action item to it. Even better if you come up with the next obese cause.

    looks like its ''10 OUT OF 10'' the game. and that Arkham city is merely a comment...

    Basically the blurb that is usually on the back is coming to the front and it's a terrible idea... Yes the boxart is designed to make you interested, but random quotes from various sites is the worse idea imaginable. Someone really needs to give Warner Bros a reminder...

    "A Picture Tells A Thousand Words"

    He looks like he has a blood nose and wiping it on his batsuit.

    Both the original and the joke one look like those dummy cases stores set up to seperate categories or show a special offer, My eyes would probably skip over it completely.

    You know something is wrong when it takes more than a fraction of a second to actually find the damned name of the game on the box.

    Huh, I didn't here about '10 OUT OF 10' is it some form of indie-game? Must have missed it when it came out.

    I haven't bought this game yet, too much on the queue.

    This is so atrocious that when the time comes, I don't think I'm buying this edition. I'm serious, I'd rather skip the additional content than have this on my shelf.

    Take a masterpiece, and turn it into a tacky advertisement for itself? That's so 2012 vidya publisher.

    Good god, it's only a case.

    The Megaman on NES box art is still worst than this.

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