We Searched For A Single PlayStation Vita In A Room Full Of Handheld Gamers

Two days into my attendance of the PAX East gaming convention last weekend, I finally saw a PlayStation Vita.

Nintendo DS and 3DS systems were everywhere among the convention's thousands of gamers. But the Vita, launched in February, was about as common a sighting at the show as an uncaged lion.

On Sunday, crack Kotaku video producer Chris Person decided to document the scarcity of the PS Vita by walking into PAX East's handheld gaming lounge. You'll see the results in the video here, which was shot in one take, to keep the journalistic integrity of this endeavour pure.

We know things are not super-wonderful for Vita these days. But maybe it's just experiencing a slow start?


    It's disheartening to see articles every week treading the same ground - "PSV low on sales again despite no new games coming out in the last seven days!". Even the article on MK Vita said nothing about the game - it was focused on a model's panties riding up.

    It seems sad that all we seem to get is SONY IS DOOMED articles. If I wanted that, I'd visit /v/ or read Chazes comments.

    How about an article when something changes?

    i love my vita... it really sucks that they aren't more popular :(

    i refuse to buy a nintendo handheld... i just don't care for them... yet they are so damn popular (well the 3ds only picked up after the price drop... lets not forget that)

    I have to say, as somebody that has never owned a sony gaming console before, that i LOVE! my Vita.

    im not much of a handheld gamer and Xbox is my console of choice, but more and more lately I have found myself heading for the Vita first.

    I agree with Zap, it would be great to see some positive stories about Playstation/Vita instead of constant Sony is doomed stories.

      While I can't exactly condone the recent theme of Kotaku's Vita articles. What do you want? It's no lie that the Vita isn't doing particularly well, and any positive spin would be disingenuous. If you want to read astroturf news that pat you on the back for buying a Vita, there are plenty of Sony-focussed blogs out there.

        That's not what they said and I think you know it.
        No one wants bs but stories about the vita or the games for it would be preferable to the regurgitation of the same "OMG IT'S DOOMED" over and over.

          To be fair, the 3DS had the same treatment. Just give it a little while and the Vita will pick up a bit (this coming from a diehard Nintendo fan)

    As much as people critisize Nintendo for just releasing remakes and updates of its core franchises for the 3DS it is what turned the sales around from their slow start, plus it is backwards compatible (most early adopters I saw were playing Pokemon Black/White and other old games). Unrestricted umd transfers (particularly outside Japan where they aren't releasing the paid transfer service) , combined with new games in Sony exclusive series which are popular in Japan are what the Vita needs to get any traction and have a turn around like the 3DS.

    I've seen four people with a Vita where I am, and only two 3DS'.

    If only they could have used some kind of vita app to see how many people near them were using vitas.

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