We'll Know About A Heart-Stopping PlayStation 3 Game On Friday Morning

Geoff Keighley, Game Trailers TV host and master of the world exclusive video reveal is currently in hype mode for Thursday's instalment of GTTV and is promising the following in a new promo for the show...

"A huge PlayStation 3 exclusive..."

"...this new game that will definitely be the talk of the internet"

The development studio is the start-up Superbot Entertainment.

Oh, and on Twitter, he added: "I was absolutely blown away!"

Theories? Not God of War: Ascension. Maybe the long-rumoured PS3 all-star fighting game? Something else?

GT.TV Episode 516 Promo [GameTrailers.com]


    Agent by rockstar? wtf happened to that,? yea its has been revealed but that was like 4 years ago with the baby of details

    I'd say it's probley title fight / all stars something ?

    Hope it's something bigger tho
    If it is it better be good

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