What A Skyrim Helmet Looks Like In The Real World

Harrison Krix, aka Volpin Props, is someone whose work you should be very familiar with if you're a regular Kotaku reader.

His latest piece is this incredible helmet from Skyrim, which through good design and fine craftsmanship reaches into the game, grabs a Draugr helmet off someone's head and rips it right back into the real world.

He's posted a thorough development report on how he made the thing over on Instructables, which he says can be used not just as a guide to help you make your own Skyrim helmet, but to make your own anything helmet.

Creating Helmets and armour from video games for Fun and Profit! [Instructables]


    although it looks epic, in battle it would be extremely inefficient someone could easily know it off with their sword or if it was strapped on to your head they could just as easily snap your neck. The reason helmets were made curved in the first place was so that the blade slides of it

      Ah, so that's why you don't see many of those old square helmets around.

      Maybe it works on the same premise as a Sai or a buck's antlers. Catch the sword in the horns and then twist to disarm your opponent, level your head so it's parallel to the ground and CHARGE!!

    hmm...seems less impressive on an actual person.

      Probably because he is wearing a wifebasher, it breaks the immersion somewhat. *not pictured, can of VB.

        thats a girl mate. =p

        but yeah, its less impressive. seems smaller.

    that looks like the Ancient Helmet of the Unburned

    looks cool but what about the male version? this is the female one

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