What Are You Playing This Weekend

I have one of those family weekends where I have to spend time with family and not play any video games. Normally this would be fine, because I love my family (Hi Ben!) but... Trials Evolution! And Fez! WAH!

There is a silver lining, however. Quite often on family gatherings like the one, we'll play games, and Trials HD is quite suited to 'pass the controller' shenanigans. It's about time I got stuck into the Skill games, so this might end up being perfect.

Fez? It'll probably just have to wait. Mass Effect 3... man, I don't know if I'm ever going to finish that game...

What are you guys playing this weekend?


    If I can get motivated, Demon's Souls. If I can't, I'll keep going with my writing instead.

    Coincidentally, I will also be dividing my time between Mass Effect 3, Trials and Fez. I plan to spend most of my time on ME3. Maybe even finish it if I get enough time.

    Probably nothing, got a dentist appointment later today which is bound to kill my gaming buzz.:P

    Finishing off Rage, then some Uncharted 2 to wash away the bad taste Golden Abyss left in my mouth....ugh

      Bad taste? I just finished golden abyss and have started again, I loved it. Seems to be in keeping with the style of Uncharted 2 (the only other uncharted game I've played). but then again, I wasn't that attached to rage, so maybe we have different tastes.

    Gonna keep working through The Witcher (which is proving to be brilliant btw) so I can then go grab number 2 for 360.

    Trials and BF3 will also receive their daily doseage aswell.

      I bought the first one off of steam and for the past 2 days, steam servers are 'too busy to handle my request' :(

        Should have bought it from GoG, they would have given it to you DRM free.

          At the moment every copy of Witcher 2 even Steam bought copies can get a free Gog copy as a 'back up' see Witcher Website for details. Just involves informing Gog of your Steam details so they can check for purchase.

    Ghost Recon: Future Soldier BETA...it better be good!

      I'll be trying that out at some stage during the weekend also. Also giving a red hot go to a particular mission on GTA IV at some stage

    The Dig

    For me its Trials, lot and lots of painful trials. And I'll probably get a start on the Witcher 2.

    On a side note. I also don't think that I will ever finish Mass effect 3. There is really nothing that ii want to go back to it for. Too much focus on Combat and the combat system while better than previous ME's is still horrible.

    Mount and Blade Warband, the pure definition that high detail graphics over gameplay is important. Bought that game on sale over at Greenman gaming, and its awesome how fun it can be.

    Well, I would be trying to beat your times in Trials Evo, but u no accept my friend request ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
    So, I'll just have to stick with trying strenuously to beat Fatshady. On the tracks he hasn't mastered yet...

      Oh wait. There's the problem. I didn't send you a friend request *facepalm*

      Hurry up mate. Im starting to work my way through the platinum medals...

        I thought I had you on my friendslist but you're not showing up in my leaderboards. I'll have to readd you.

    Dota 2 and The Witcher

    Might send an email to Harvey Norman asking where my games are, "still awaiting stock"... STILL!!!

    Mass Effect 3 will be played this weekend and don't really have anything else on the horizon in the short term.

    Maybe some driver san francisco on PS3 and picross 3d on my DS.

    Finishing off the main storyline of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend's story mode before moving onto Agarest: Generations of War Zero, and probably checking out the SkullGirls demo and debating whether to wait for the SCEE PSN release or just go for it on XBLA. I also downloaded Juniper's Knot the other day and am keen to "play" (It's a visual novel) through that. My Pile of Shame is incredibly large so I will probably slot in some smaller time wasters here and there as well.

    Trials EVO constantly. My wife says to me that she wanted to go away for the weekend with her sister and would I mind looking after my son... i said YES. He is in bed by 8 and I got the night all to myself!!! EVO TIME!

    Also, might check out the Ghost Recon closed Beta. ive been a fan of that game for a while.

      Ghost Recon? No you won't, who do you think you're kidding!?

    Tales of Graces f (near the end, I think), SF x Tekken ( my copy from ozgameshop has finally arrived ) & might get started on the Witcher 2. Got a long weekend so should be good.

    Tera's open beta starts tonight, so I expect to be playing a fair bit of that. Maybe some SWTOR as well if I can motivate myself to log in. Also working my way through Disgaea 3 on Vita and I'm halfway into Corpse Party so I might finish that one first.

    I will be playing Trials Evo attempting to claim back my times that you have no beaten Serrels.

    Also may jump on for some RDR. I'm hooked on the MP at the moment.

    Legend of Grimrock \o/

    I'm starting to really get into it, after restarting because I got a game over /o\

    Highly recommend it.

    Mass Effect 3. Must be halfway I guess, there's been one major event so far other than at the start

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