What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Sad face. If you missed it yesterday, action journalist and "good" Street Fighter player Traceeey Lien has departed the Kotaku Australia fold for what we can only hope are greener pastures. Well, pastures with many games in them, or cows that turn into consoles, or console-powered gaming cows. One of those. In her, and Mark's, stead, I finally get the chance to ask you guys what the heck you're going to be playing this weekend, question mark.

Not cows, one can hope. Udderly useless for that gaming stuff we do. Me, I'll be enjoying the programmatic stylings of Visual C#: Breakpoint and Visual Basic: Excuse Me Mr Compiler Sir, May I Please Have A Variable, Thank You as I code my way to indie gaming bliss (hopefully). Obviously, I'll be editing, writing and generally prosing on Gizmodo, Kotaku and Lifehacker too.

So, have at it guys. Just not at the cows, OK?

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Man, Flickr sure has a lot of photos of sad-looking dogs.



      It is time my brothers and sisters we must destroy what we Love so that it cant be corrupted anymore !!!!! Burn It to the ground!!!!!!! They may take our Money but they will never take our Passion!!!!!!!!! Light the torches.. Prepare the gallows.. Bioware is not long for this world!!!!!!!

    i will be attempting to finish or make progress in ME3 on insane difficulty and battle the servers cutting out on wave 9 or 10 losing all progress. also might hit up KoA

    Man, that compiler game sounds fascinating.

    I was going to play D2, but now I'm being dragged outside to attack some trees.

    So, I guess, stuff?

      It's loads of fun. Lot of key combos to memorise though.

      Imagine a roguelike where you can kill stuff using the Backspace key.

    Assassins Creed Revelations & Kirby's Epic Yarn. The music from Epic Yarn has been stuck in head for days! Such a charming game:)

      The music has been stuck in my head since "Two Best Friends Play".

    Probably trying to polish off my hard mode game of Uncharted Golden Abyss (which is all manner of awesome) or Escape Plan in between sessions of SWTOR

    I'll be dying a lot in Dark Souls.

      I'm yet to play through that game properly, for some reason I didn't feel particularly motivated to go on... Maybe one day I'll go back. Last I remember I was saved before some Black Knight bastard. I did enjoy some of the combat though, it was particularly satisfying to get a riposte' off.

        You mean you actually managed to successfully riposte!?!?
        I love that game, but it eventually hit the point where I just couldn't get any further. But I'm really tempted to give it another go.
        I'll be playing a lot of the ME3 multiplayer, since I finished the campaign it's one of the few games I've kept playing multiplayer for. Otherwise I think I'll try get through Alice: Madness Returns, it only took my sister 5 months to give it back to me.

          LOL I know it's pretty tricky to pull off, and the game doesn't exactly explain... well, anything :P
          And what with all the other game counter-attack times to get used to, it's pretty annoying to time it, especially when the enemies can delay their strikes for so long... But when you can, it's satisfying :P
          I couldn't go further either, lol. Mainly I wasn't -really- enjoying it I guess. One day!

          I haven't finished Alice MR yet!! Meaning to get back to it, keep getting sidetracked :P

        One really important tip for dark souls melee fighters, get a bow & something like 150 arrows. I know it sounds weird but hear me out.

        At some point you encounter a dragon that does a strafing run on you as you near a long bridge & also roasts anything else on the bridge at the time and the he takes a perch over the gateway at the end of the bridge. The bridge has a set of stairs over to the right (as you're looking at the dragon) that takes you under the bridge (trying not to get red hot chili peppers stuck in my head.), from this point you can see the dragon's tail hanging down a bit. If you can get there with enough arrows, you can pepper the dragon's tail with arrows doing a piddling amount of damage. After using HEAPS of ammo and probably getting rather bored, you end up getting a new weapon called the Drake Sword. It'll do 4-5 times the amount of damage that even your best weapons can do at this stage, it needs fairly high strength to wield correctly but you'll be massacring everything in sight with it, doing one hit kills (and getting the bonus souls for it) on almost everything. black knights are FAR less scary when you can do 100-200 damage to them per hit rather than something like 20-30.

    Trying to stay in the top ten of the premiership in FIFA 11. Some Burnout Paradise and maybe some driver san francisco.

    settlers online

    and path of exile

    I keep forgetting its only Friday!

    I'm looking to finish off the Jak and Daxter HD collection (almost done with Jak 3, now) and make a bit of progress in my ME2 FemShep playthrough. Also some Minecraft on a friend's server!

    I'm going to finish Halo Anniversary... and I'll at least star Mass Effect 1 again.

    I'll be playing some Dawn of War Soulstorm and a bit of Fable 3.

    If I play anything , it'll be InFAMOUS 2, and possibly Shadow of the Colossus HD
    But I'll probably be oot and aboot this fine weekend

    Uni assignments :( will try and squeeze some Assassin's Creed Revelations in while I'm at it...

    Looks like someone told that dog about Tracey leaving.

    I might be playing some Gears of War triple, what with that new DLC having came out. Or I could be Landing on some Borders with my good chums.

    Xenoblade Chronicles, Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception and maybe. Just maybe, Tales of Graces f.

    I just bought Twisted Metal, apart from that probably a smidge of Skyrim between crashes to desktop on my PC, and some League of Legends even though the game's more of a timesink for me than anything else. I've got my eyes on I Am Alive even though I know little about it. Perhaps.

    Shame Tracey had to leave, all the best in future though. :)

    What am I playing? Probably a bit of SWTOR, a bit of Brink, and maybe some Mount and Blade too.

    Sooo, are you going to give us an update on your game? I can't believe it's been 6 months since you wrote that article. It sure doesn't feel like it. /o\

    Rift! Keeps getting better and better.

    Heavy Rain, Assassin's Creed, Journey and Skyrim.

    uni assignments and bit of mass effect 1 and Nba 2k12. The original Fallout is free for the next couple of days on Good Old Games so will give that a shot if I have any spare time

    Just finished uni - for good - two days ago, and so I'll be playing me some Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Having nothing to do for the first time in months mean I'll be doing nothing but gaming and watching awesome telly for the next little while at least.

    Gonna play some online co-op in RE: Revelations. I've played the co-op for about an hour now and I must say, I'm impressed with how well it works.

    I'm hoping to play some more Zelda Skyward sword. But it's looking less and less likely.

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