What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I might have to rename this post 'While Mark Was Sleeping', because this weekend I don't fancy my chances of playing much at all. I arrive back in Sydney early Saturday morning, and I expect I'll be a jetlagged, broken down piece of meat for the most part. But then again — I do have Trials Evolution times to reclaim!

I've been getting multiple messages, from friends, from my brother, from some of you guys — and everyone's talking trash about Markie! Everyone's saying they've beaten my times. Well of course you have! I haven't had the chance to play since Thursday last week!

Don't you worry. I'll be crushing you all soon!

Anyways, what are you guys playing this weekend?


    Witcher2 on Xbox. Ben a great game experience so far and reasonably hard.
    Looking forward to getting further in

    Just got a new monitor, a 360 pad for the PC and Witcher 2 just got the enhanced update.

    Third time is the charm.

    Dark Souls, at Sen's Fortress.
    "I can't take this..."

      +1 Finally beat the Capra demon after about 50 tries and a lot of grinding for levels. Just about to enter Sen's and I know it's going to be hell.
      Or maybe I can just play a little tirals and marvel as my times get lower and lower down the leaderboard.

      Sen's took me... a while. When I first reached Blighttown I said "NOTHANKS" and went and grind...ed... ground? Whatever, against enemies for a while, so it made the whole thing a lot easier. However, excluding the final boss, who's just a little cheap, Sen's Fortress shouldn't be too hard. Though I'd recommend checking the Dark Souls wiki(if you haven't already) for the location of the bonfire, as it can be rather easy to miss otherwise.

    I'm going to be sinking my teeth into The Witcher 2. I've already resigned myself to being terrible at Trials Evo, so I'm not going to be beating anyone's times!

    Theme Hospital will probably get a bit of a workout. Those damned epidemics and exploding machinery.

    I've ordered my PC parts for an upgrade so will be playing "back up my steam account and games" this weekend.

    and probably more Skyrim.

    Guild Wars 2 open beta!
    3 days of win :D

      I also shall being doing this. Sadly I lose one day due paintball training. Sad phace.

    Mono- D'oh!

      I think you were going to say Mono-meat and that is the only game worth playing this weekend :-)

      Other than that I might play some Botanicula(got it for cheap thanks to the humble bundle. ) and maybe mess around with the PS2 EyeToy I bought earlier this week.

    Maybe some forza 4, or some nier which I've been taking my sweet time with. But I'll probably spend more time working on my own game in unity (free mobile licenses ftw!)

    I'll also probably spend A LOT of time playing wordament on my phone though. I'm addicted!

    Saints Row The Third. Picked it up during the week & yet to play it. Maybe some Kirby's Epic Yarn as well

    I'm hoping my characters will be transferred over to the Oceanic servers in TOR by tomorrow so I can enjoy some lag free pvp and work on getting my Consular to 50.

    I've also been playing The Witcher a bit in the last few days so I may jump onto that for a bit. Also maybe some Dark Souls.

    risen 2 postal 3 and mount and blade might sit through walking dead ep 1 again

    Just moved to my own place in Northcote (VIC) and haven't had the chance to play the games i bought at that Harvey Norman sale a few weeks back, so that definately changes this weekend.
    The choices are,
    SMG 2,
    Uncharted 3,
    Ass Creed Rev.

    Given this is my first free weekend in I can't remember how long I am going to try to get back into Skyrim.
    May just start over from scratch.

    In between bursts of exam study I'll be hitting my head on the wall with Trials Evolution once more

    Maybe play with the Tecnic pack in minecraft a bit more in between catching up on sleep.

    Mass effect 3 and maybe some more skyrim although a mod has messed up the game and now i may have corrupted all of my saves :(

    Going to a tattoo show in Melbourne tomorrow then off to a german restaurant for many birthday beers, so I dunno how much gaming time I will get in, but I hope to try log a better time on gigatrack.

      Oooh I might play some ME3 multiplayer too, I just unlocked the Geth Engineer class and I wanna try it out.
      My Geth is Ferrari red :)


    Maybe some Halo Reach... and I might look in to Modern Warfare 3 again, see what's changed.

    IF i get time to it'll bed cod and trials. and more trials. AND MORE TRIALS.

    But only if i get time ;)

    Maybe Demon's Souls. I took down Leechmonger the other night after a long hiatus. Got slaughtered in the swamp shortly afterwards, but am ready to give it another go.

    for some odd reason i've got stuck in Anno 2070 after initially buying it and putting it back into the "CBF" pile...

    Cancelled my SWTOR account in anticipation of Diablo III... oh man.. even got a spare mouse waiting if the the old one looses its clicker..

      May 15 will be glorious and I also have a new mouse ready to go when my old one carks it at around the 2 million clicks mark.

      I too shall be playing this all weekend - the missus is away so I'm looking to put in 20 hours or so...

    Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, maaaaybe some Trials Evo, or I can find out where Trjn found himself a worknig copy of Theme Hospital because every time I've tried to find it over the last few years it's been buggy as hell and won't run properly.

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