What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Man, I've given up on Mass Effect 3. I sincerely just can't muster up any enthusiasm for it. Maybe I just need to give it another proper try, but Fez is out and I want to play that instead. What are you guys playing this weekend?

I had a weird situation occur the other night. My wife came in and said, I'm going to watch Grey's Anatomy on the laptop, you should just play games. She actually suggested I play games.

I was like, okay... tentatively sat down on the couch and waited awkwardly to be transported out of opposite land. 'What should I play,' I asked myself. Mass Effect 3 was in the disc tray, but I couldn't be bothered. I put in SSX, but realised I wasn't too enamored with that idea either. I ended up playing Journey again, since I had completed my first playthrough sans other players, going through a second time with strangers felt like a new experience.

But yeah, it was weird having to motivate myself to play a video game.

Regardless — I'm super excited for Fez, so I'll be playing that this weekend. How about you guys?


    Now that Batguy Shepard is back with his real face (and snazzy new beard and a new, greying hairdo - he's covered wars, you know) I'm going to be sinking most of the weekend into Mass Effect 3. Dodgy endings and day 1 DLC be damned. I have a month of bottled up enthusiasm and ahve really enjoyed my couple of hours so far!

    Also bought myself 4000 XBL points with birthday money in anticipation of Trial Evolution, so I may try out Fez too if I get the time.

    Do you know exactly when Fez will be out Mark? I want to play Fez.

      Major Nelson says April 13 - which probable translates to some time late this evening for us?

        Yeah I figured that sounds about right but I want confirmation DAMMIT.

        Major Nelson should actually tell Aussies their release date as well.

      Out right now! I just played the trial and OMFG it's actually really really good! I'm buying as soon as I finish a couple of rounds of BF3! (it is the weekend after all)

      Apart from the I bought The Force Unleashed from the Dick Smith sale (the first one that went bad!) so I've been playing that from scratch (I rented it a few years back - plus I have the DS version) Also been playing Splinter Cell 3D in spare moments!

    For me, its Mass Effect 3 and some Silent Hill: Downpour.

    SH:D finally arrived in my mail yesterday evening. I have to say that its not very good but I'm gonna give it another chance over the weekend. Definitely one of SH's weakest titles next to Shattered Memories.

    The reason you had trouble motivating yourself to play games is that subconsciously you realised that if your wife had suggested you go an play games there must be more to it....

    Some RDR, some MGS Peace Walker, perhaps some Shadow of the Damned.

      Well, all three Uncharted games plus Heavy Rain just arrived from Ozgameshop, so I might play one of those :P

    Some red dead on PS3 if the community gaming night thing is still on. Or did the game change?

    Other than that maybe some Wolfenstein, Ratchet and clank: Tools of destruction and Star wars the force unleashed 2.

    replay max payne 1 again, but with all the sounds at the start

    Finishing off Bioshock, hardest setting no Vita chamber mode (easier than it sounds due to quick save option....just like old times!)

      Haha. Thanks Ollie. You just reminded me that I still need to get that achievement. :D

    I'm DMing an old school two day D&D 3.5 marathon.

      I jelly.
      So, in D&D parlance, I guess that would be, "I gelatinous cube"


      This is what really happened. Followed by:


    How do you have a job writing about games when you're always mentioning how less-than-enthused you are about actually playing them?

      Really? That's your contribution to this thread?

      Are you always enthused about your job? I'll put money that the answer is no.

      I just go through phases. There's a lot of pressure to feel like I've played every important game out there, which can feel like a chore sometimes.

    Really enjoying Dragon Quest IX on the lovely new DSi I picked up from DSE.

    Legend of Grimrock!!!! Awesome old-skool gameplay

      Same here. Loving it so far!

    The Witcher Enhanced Edition.

    I know I'm a bit late to the party but hey, better than never. And with the second one coming to xbox soon (My PC won't run that how i want it to) I'm keen to get stuck in.

      Witcher-Five o/

      realised the other day i never completed it, so i too will be ploughing (geddit) my way through it

    Mass Effect 3 - nearly at endgame status, having done every single sidequest available. It's a much shorter game than the others. I'm only at 23 hours.

    Anyway, after that, I must finish Demon's Souls before the servers come crashing down.

    Then, I might take a break from games for a while and concentrate on my writing.

    A little bit of everything.

    Dark Souls, Lego Batman and Skate 3 are all in my current rotation. My PC is now working again, so I can muck about in DOTA2, as well as possibly get back into Starcraft 2.

    Diablo 2 is also an option, if there are other people around playing it.

    Oh and there's a family lunch thing for Mum's birthday and I have to put together my new bed. So really the odds of me getting much, if any, gaming done this weekend are rather slim.

    Probably only have time for some quick grinding in SPAZ.

    I can't wait for Fez it seems like the perfect continuation for me as I have just been playing
    cave story.

    Finishing up Mass Effect 2, there are a few side missions to polish off and then finish up the story.

    Finally picked up Blur recently, so I'll be playing that. It's fantastic.

    Also, Legend of Grimrock and Fez.

    Might check out Legend of Grimrock. It looks really tempting.

    May resist the urge though and try and play something I already own.

    Finally have a free weekend, so I'll be finishing off my current backlog sidetrack (the GTA 4 Episodes) in preparation for the timesink that is The Witcher 2 next week.

    Finally finished off my herbless run in Resident Evil Revelations last night, so it was time to crack open Kid Icarus.

    Holy crap that game's friggen awesome!

    Stayed up way too late last night finishing mass effect 3. Feeling it now at work but was totally worth it. Now I need to finish r&c: crack in time finally. Plus maybe sly cooper triliogy if I can stand any more of it-totally overrated.

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