What Are You Watching On TV?

Sometimes we do things that aren't video games. Like eat food, moonwalk, go to Woolworths in our underwear (just me? I'll leave quietly). I thought it might be cool to have a place to discuss such endeavours. Today, I want know what TV shows you guys are watching!

Recently, in preparation for season 5, I've been blasting through the entire fourth season of Mad Men. Without distance it's difficult — because I loved shows like Deadwood and The Wire — but I think Mad Men may be my favourite television show of all time. I just love the writing — really crisp and sharp, but rarely self-indulgent.

I'm also playing catch up with The Sopranos. I never watched it first time round, and I'm currently up to Season 5.

What about you guys: what are you watching? Any recommendations? Apparently Game of Thrones is great, but I haven't had the chance to check it out yet...

Let us know what you're watching in the comments below.


    It's impossible for me to be actually watching it, but if I was I would say that Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 is actually insanely clever and funny.

      Just watched the first two episodes and I'm intrigued. I'll keep watching but I hope the show doesn't stick to a single formula every week because the 'trick your room mate at the start then apologise at the end' dynamic will get old really fast.

    Free to Air and Foxtel have nothing on downloading so looking forward to watching the Eastbound and Down finale tonight, still enjoying weekly Office, 30 Rock and MacFarlane shows.
    Also checked out the new Ricky Gervais pilot called Derek which aired on C4 in the UK over the weekend, not sure if it's got the puff to become a full series though.
    But seriously, everythings just filler until the new series of Breaking Bad this year! BRING IT!

      +1 Breaking bad - best show by miles
      also for anyone who hasn't seen The West Wing , go check that out for some great fast paced writing.

    Currently waiting for Game of Thrones and Mad Men seasons to be over so I can watch all in one go. Getting by watching Blackadder (everyone needs to see this if they haven't).

      Blackadder is stupendous.

    Game of Thrones!! Get the 1st season, I bet you'll love it. I think JBHi-fi has the BluRay version coming soon.
    Also, "Community" is great.

      The BR has been out for a few weeks now.

    Throne of Games, Game of thrones!
    Breaking Bad, never seen it til now, awesome show

      Breaking Bad is probably my pick as the best show on TV. Everything about it is just done so spectacularly well.

      Yeah, I'm just discovering the delights of Breaking Bad as well. Just about finished the first season

        The end of Season 4 is off the hook. Best show ever!

    A couple of mates were talking about Dragonball Z and it made me feel left out so I've started with the original Dragonball. I'm about halfway through the 153 episodes I have to watch before moving on to Z. Good times!

      Currently doing the same thing :), roughly the same place too. Upon rewatching I cannot believe how slow the pacing is with some of the scene's. Don't forget about the movies from the original DB.

    Been watching Game of Thrones, it's rather good. Rather good indeed.

    I have noticed that the main difference between the books and the show (I watched the first season before reading the books) is that the relationships are much more in your face. In the books, the Baratheons are in extra-marital relationships, one that is mentioned but never directly shown and another that is strongly hinted at but not confirmed.

    Not in the TV show. You get to see these couples having their way with each other. HBO must have some sort of quota for sex and these relationships are getting much more limelight just to meet it.

    Also been watching Young Justice, which is about to finish it's first season after far too many delays. Absolutely fantastic show about the sidekicks from the DC comics. Good character development, strong story arc that is reaching a conclusion (which I already know because I saw the "leaked" Turkish videos on YouTube a week ago) and most importantly it's just damned good.

    Avatar: Legend of Korra is also officially starting up. Saw the first two episodes when they were released early and am eagerly anticipating episode 3. It's as good as the third season of Avatar: The Last Airbender, which I think may be one of the best western animations to have been released in recent memory.

      Great timing in that the last episode of Young Justice airs 1 week before the Legend of Korra begins (excluding the first two episodes, which aired early).

      YJ really impressed me, it has been consistently good, with few exceptions (Joker). The 'lets all reveal our secrets at once' thing seemed a bit trite, but was still part of an interesting episode. Weisman really knows how to play to the fanboy crowd (also loved that he got Josh Keaton back to voice the Spiderman parody character).

      Avatar: The Last Airbender goes with Justice League as being the best of the best of Western Animation, and Legend of Korra is looking promising.

      I've started watching Breaking Bad as my treadmill show, and it is really interesting, totally sucks you in. As a militant teetotaller, for a show of this theme to do so is quite an achievement.

        I thought Young Justice wraps up next week (and trust me, the final episode is amazeballs) and Korra episode 3 comes out at about the same time? Wasn't the premiere of Korra this week a double episode?

        I've actually recently rewatched all of Young Justice and there is an amazing amount of detail thrown in that you will probably miss if you aren't looking for it. Artemis's family problems, the mole, shoutouts to other DC characters and even things like the Flying Graysons (ep23, there's a poster of them and their uniform is Nightwing's outfit, instead of the usual deal where Robin based his costume on their uniform).

        Breaking Bad is simply one of, if not the, best show on TV. I can't praise it enough. While it may be about a guy becoming a meth cook, it's really about his descent into villainy. Throw in some truly special characters like Hank, Jesse and Saul and you've got the formula for brilliance.

    Free to Air and Foxtel have nothing on downloading so looking forward to watching the Eastbound and Down finale tonight, still enjoying weekly Office, 30 Rock and MacFarlane shows.
    Also checked out the new Ricky Gervais pilot called Derek which aired on C4 in the UK over the weekend, not sure if it’s got the puff to become a full series though.
    But seriously, everythings just filler until the new series of Breaking Bad this year! BRING IT!

    I'm currently watching Mad Men (S4 too actually) and Game of Thrones. I was enjoying The Walking Dead too until the season finished a few weeks ago

    Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. Well not The Walking Dead right now because it's between seasons, but I'll be there ready and waiting when it returns.

    Catching up on The West Wing, just started season 5. It's awesome.

    Bob's Burgers. Everyone should watch it. It doesn't get enough love.

      I love Louise. She is my new favourite 'adult child' character in an animated comedy series.

    Currently catching up on season 6 of 30 Rock, and there's also this excellent show called Ringer starring Sarah Michelle Gellar who plays twins. It is crazyballs. I think the most recent episode (22 or 23) was the first time they didn't manage to raise the stakes any higher than it had been and leave us on a cliffhanger.

    I'm not currently watching Game of Thrones, but I will start on it soon. I might do what I did with season 1 and just pick up season 2 and watch it all in one hit once it's finished.

    Whole mess of anime. New season, heaps of new shows which haven't really progressed enough to decide which ones to follow and which to drop.

    Catching up on Game of Thrones season 1. Currently up to episode 8 and its stayed pretty close to the books so I'm enjoying the heck out of it.

    And I finally caught up on One Piece. 542 episodes later.

    Now I'm thinking I need to watch Zoids Chaotic Century/Guardian Force.

      See i really wanna catch up with one piece i think i have seen 90ish episodes but its so daunting especially when a lot of it is just shitty filler crap that's annoying to watch. Same reason i stopped watching naruto.

      Also zoids chaotic century is pretty okay.It has a fairly awesome story and pretty good characters.

        I'm watching Nauruto on my iphone. I just skip the crappy stuff and move on to the cool fighting bits. Upto about episode 125 of Shippuden, although i think i accidently skipped a story arc (everything still makes sense though).

    I am watching Game of thrones, only show I care about at the moment, cant start another TV marathon the Entourage and Soprano ones I did a past 2 months drained total of 100 hours I could of spent doing Assignments or playing games.

    Just started watching the Persona 4 anime! Makes me want to play the game for the fourth time but will wait until the Vita port is out.

    Also watching Community, 30 Rock, The Office, etc.

    Game Of Thrones.

    Having to wait a week in between each episode is the worst. But then the best when it comes Monday. But then the worst again. Until Monday. Then its the best. Again.

      It makes mondays slightly more bearable.

        Indeed it does, i look forward to monday after work now :) It is something to work towards.

    Rewatching Avatar The Last Airbender to remember exactly how awesome it is as well as Game of thrones, Young Justice, Adventure time and New Girl all fantastic shows. I like having something good to watch just before bed always makes me end the day on a high. Strictly speaking its not great for my sleeping but meh.

    Game of Thrones, like everyone else. It's going along pretty well, I'm digging it.

    Not much else though, my girl is watching Revenge, but she's still waiting for the next few episodes to come out and OnceUpon aTime. I'm usually working too much to watch anything else but all it seems to be nowadays is f*cking game shows with fat people cooking/fat people trying to lose weight/fat people renovating/fat people singing etc.


    One of the most underrated shows out at the moment, seriously worth getting into, even of the first few episodes are a little slow.

    Also hangin out for season 2 of Suits, which came out of nowhere and I really enjoy.

    I also just checked out the first episode of Magic City, which is set in 1959 Miami, looks like it has potential, but I'll have to see more of it.

      +1 for Justified. Just finished up with season 3 the other day, and enjoyed it a lot. I think s02 might have just topped it as far as quality, but that was a brilliant story arc.

        It was awesome. I agree with season two being a little more solid than three. Although that scene in the bar between Raylan and Quarles was one of the best scenes I've seen in recent TV

    I prefer watching TV shows in chunks instead of waiting for a new episode every week. The anticipation is too much for me. As a result I haven't watched many of the recent TV shows. There are exceptions to this rule however, I watch shows like Game of Thrones, the simpsons , ugly americans, Archer and Grimm every week. Oh and bob's burgers as well. I just love H.john Benjamin's voice in Archer and Bob's burgers.

    At the moment I'm planning on re-watching the whole Avatar the last airbender series, the 4400 and maybe download the Ricky gervais show to keep on my hard drive and watch every once in a while.

    Other than that my non-gaming entertainment is dominated by movies. I recently watched Buried which was fantastic.

    Can anyone recommend some good short sitcoms and animated shows? Short as in 20-30 min per episode e.g the simpsons, Archer. I'm looking for a show I can watch everyday before bed.

      Adventure Time is pretty hillarious and engaging or Old cartoons that are pretty great. 90's cartoons ftw

        Adventure time looked intriguing when I caught an episode on Cartoon Network. I'll definitely check it out.
        90s cartoons were awesome. I'll consider those as well. One show I really enjoyed growing up was Cadillacs and dinosaurs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gr2iQ96em2w

    Game of Thrones, Awake, was watching Psych (season finished) and of course Community
    O wait, Australia has to wait 6+ months or never to actually receive these shows
    Yeah basically on TV I'm watching terrible reality shows i.e. fat people, cooking or singing shows
    Man I love Australian TV!!!!!!!!

    Game of Throne and a nice Showtime Australian drama called Tangle.

    The Walking Dead. I was skeptical about it at first, but got hooked after watching just a couple of episodes.

      +1. Really enjoying it so far. If it weren't for FX, I wouldn't have ever watched the show. Also I'm enjoying Chuck, Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Operation Repo and Hardcore Pawn. God there are some good shows on nowadays.

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