What Computer Animation Looked Like In 1971

Us 21st century kids with our Unreal Engines and fancy computers think our animation is just so shit hot. And it is! But it had to come from somewhere, and that somewhere are these very humble beginnings.

This 1971 Canadian documentary looks at the very early days of the practice of key frame animation.

For reference, the two men behind this technology, Marceli Wein and Nestor Burtnyk, would both go on to win Academy Awards for their contributions to the field.




    Nobody's hating on this one?


    Okay I guess I'll give it a crack.

    Hey Luke! You have a really nice haircut!

    Am I doing it right?

      Hmm.. Needs more self-entitlement.

    Luke you suck. Do some journalism instead of looking at the past, people will find this shit if they want to themselves.

      Hrmm... Can't say I'd normally defend Luke here, but at least he's posting unbiased informative pieces in this case.

      I wouldn't have gone looking for this, but I sure as anything found it fascinating.

    Its gaming news, if you want hard hitting journalism read a newspaper.

    Loved it! Computer animation back then was more advanced than I thought.
    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to listen to Boards of Canada

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