What Did You Get Up To Over The Holidays?

Tuesday, 11pm. It's the time where we ask you guys a question about stuff that isn't video games. I know, crazy. Today I want to know what you guys got up to over the Easter Break?

You may or may not know that I just got back from a pretty hefty 10 day break in Western Australia. Guess what — and hold onto your hats folks, because you will not believe this — I got sunburnt. Real bad. Yeah, surprise surprise.

If you're from Perth, or WA in general, here is my verdict: the area where you live is very nice indeed. I went Rottsnest and cycled, then my wife and I drove all the way up to Monkey Mia and did the whole looking at Dolphins thing. Had an absolute blast.

Anyway — how about you guys? Long weekend and all of that — what did you get up to?


    Work for the most part. Dodn't even eat that much chocolate /o\. Still, those public holiday pay rates make up for it.

    I ate chocolate. I played SSX. I saw Titanic 3D. That about sums it up. :P

    My what beautiful feet you have there...

    I did uni work, played some Uncharted 3 multiplayer with a few TAYbies, started exercising again, bunged up my leg, and ate greasy fatty foods.

    So, a good weekend, really. :p

    Couldn't go to the GYM, so instead took my dog for a jog around the lake. Overdid it I think since my legs were killing me the next day (hasn't happened since I first joined the GYM). Went to a LAN with a friend. Pumped through some achievements for Homefront that I should have done a year ago. Wanted to get the 200 kills with a vehicle and level 50 achievement, but then I remembered why I hated Homefront so much and now I'm just going to leave it as is.

    Former WA resident here, glad you enjoyed it.
    Gotta keep your sunscreen levels up, though, as you learnt.
    How many quokkas did you see?
    My holidays became a regular weekend except I was walking on Friday instead of working.
    I was back at work yesterday and away from my systems on Saturday and Sunday, so no gaming.

    Watched "The Lorax"...was pretty weird at times but enjoyable overall. Actually it impressed me with some fantastic animation and CG

    I got sunburnt yesterday too!

    Over the rest of the weekend, I (deep breath): Went out to dinner, got back into a whole bunch of Burnout Paradise, strained my chest playing soccer (feels like I'm having a heart attack every time I breathe in!), had a birthday, spent a couple of enjoyable days with family, ate surprisingly little chocolate, gave up on waiting for for the ME3 face patch and recreated my guy semi-successfully, sold a car, watched my football team win for the first time in a month, and didn't do any work over the whole 4 days.

    All-in-all, a pretty damn good long weekend!

      Batguy, I don't want to rile you up but Game Informer have confirmed that the face patch is being released this week. April 11 in fact. I feel your pain, though. I've held of playing too.

        Really? I've only just made it to the citadel, so I can put it back on the shelf for a few days and start from scratch, no problems.


          Sorry if this is against the rules, Kotaku. If so feel free to banish me and speak of my name no more. :P

            Haha - if you had posted that a couple of hours ago, your comment would have been spam filtered for using the n word!

              That would've been a blow to the 'ol self esteem.

              Just checked, PC patch if online right now. My Shep is back, baby. (I'm sorry, folks. This'll be my last post in here. I swear. :P)

    Mark did you go to the south west of WA? Margaret River and such?

    My weekend was completing The Witcher 2 - fantastic game.

    Nothing at all, nothing at all, nothing at all.

    That's an unseemly sun burn. Once I fell asleep in the yard while reading a book. Half my face was bright red, the other half remained pasty and white. I felt like Harvey Dent. Couldn't go out in public for a while, but it was pretty awesome. :P

    I stayed home for the most part. I bought some toys for myself, started watching Bob's burgers (it's pretty good) and played some FIFA 11. Pretty simple but I enjoyed myself.

    I ate.....and ate. ... and ate... oh and watched some movies an wielded a chainsaw in a questionable manner. God i love being married to a greek, she spend the weekend baking getting ready for greek easter which is this weekend :) FOOOD

    "Tuesday, 11pm. It’s the time where..."

    11 AM


    Spent most of the weekend hiding easter eggs in the garden for my 2yr old, and too much SWTOR.

    I immediately reverted to a 30 hour day cycle (that is, 22 hours awake, 8 asleep). Thankfully went to bed around midnight last night to wake up ready to face the day at 7am. This is actually a sleep in by my usual standards, but thankfully I still made it to work on time and didn't fall asleep on the train, so it's been a pretty good return to work.

    Also, Silent Hill HD Collection arrived this morning, so... yay. Wish it had arrived BEFORE the 4 day weekend, but whatever.

    Wedding plans for the most part, Family for the other part, and for whatever reason getting hooked on the Pokemon Black game my Fiance bought.

    Watched footy; Watched South Park; Played Pac-Man: Championship Edition DX; Drank beer and Lemon Lime Vodka, not at the same time though. Didn't have any chocolate.
    A pretty good easter by my standards.

    I killed a man...I also Crocheted a new throw rug...did I mention, I killed a man!

    Feet, ew...

      bacon feet, double ew

    No one noticed the webbed toes!?

    Yeah...great weekend.
    On Thursday i was all looking foward to playing the games i got at the Harvey Norman sale and instead had to help my mum and little brother leave a violent relationship she was in. Safe to say, videogames were the last thing on my mind.
    So now i'm back at work nursing a split lip and acheing teeth but my family are out of harms reach.

    Sorry for the sob story fellow Kotaku reader's but it did say, what did you get up to?

    Skyrim, bbq, bought a new mailbox, turned a year older, installed new mailbox, skyrim

      I turned a year older too. Easter birthday high five!

        Oh for reals?! Why wasn't I informed?! Hippo belated biffday sire!!!

    Glad you enjoyed it over here in WA. Best kept secret. ;)

    Down in the Sout h west of the state moving furniture across a 14 acre property. And alcohol.

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