What Games Have You Fallen Asleep To While Playing?

What Games Have You Fallen Asleep To While Playing?

I’ve done it. You’ve done it. We’ve all done it. Just about every person who has ever played a video game has stayed up too late gaming and has nodded off, controller in hand.

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Over at Geek.com, they’ve asked their editors which games they’ve fallen asleep playing. The list includes Broken Sword, Journey (for shame!), Final Fantasy XIII, Alan Wake, LA Noire, Final Fantasy VIII, Bioshock 2 (surprising!) and Minecraft.

Clearly the outliers here are Alan Wake and Bioshock 2. The other games are slower paced, and they are more peaceful in general. For example Broken Sword is a point-and-click adventure game that I love, but it can be slow at times. I fell asleep playing it on my Nintendo DS while on a roadtrip – I dropped the stylus and woke up about 20 minutes later wondering if I was really enjoying the game as much as I thought I was.

For my part, current “nodding off” games include Skyrim, Persona 3 and Minecraft. I also have some strong memories of catching some zzz’s while playing Final Fantasy VII last year. However, I really like all of those games!

I think the science may be a little flawed on this (super scientific) study — or at least, sleep-inducingness shouldn’t really be linked to how much you’re enjoying a certain game. After all, the games that I’m likely to fall asleep playing are the ones that I play into the deep hours of the night. Those are the games I like most, else I wouldn’t be playing them at 3AM.

But it’s still a fun thing to ponder. What games put you to sleep?

Games We’ve Fallen Asleep Playing [Geek.com]

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  • WoW was mine, I remember once I was running my girlfriend through a dungeon on one of her alts, and I had auto run on when I nodded off, I ran through half the dungeon, and when I woke up again we were both dead :S

    • I often fell asleep playing WoW. It usually ended in me autorunning to my death too, although I once managed to sleep-heal through Rotface (?) in ICC.

    • This happened to me on more than one occasion. I’d set up the PC next to my bed and kept drifting off during a couple of dungeons.

      Not proud of it but it was back when I was young and irresponsible.

  • Considering the tone of this article I don’t think this counts, but in the middle of a game of Machinarium I propped my laptop up and left it running for the music and leant back for a nap.

    This was before I bought the soundtrack.

  • Fell asleep more then a few times in GT5. Even while using the wheel I still managed to fall asleep fairly often.

  • Anything that includes a lot of grinding will eventually put me to sleep.

    My brother in law fell asleep playing Gears of War 2 – Horde one night. He still cops a lot of flack for it.

  • Never done it, don’t understand how you could.

    Playing the game is what keeps me awake in the first place, I don’t fall asleep til I stop.

  • Boredomlands… Funny in a split-screen game when I awake to my mate yelling at me and my character walking face first into a wall, lol.

  • Fell asleep once playing Borderlands co-op, but I had been awake for 3 days straight, one of those days being a car ride from QLD to VIC.

  • I fell asleep playing Battlefield Bad Company 2. I had stayed up all night and woke up to a message saying I had been kicked from the multiplayer game.

  • Falling asleep while playing an MMO is pretty common and I have done that plenty of times. I did however fall asleep whilst in a conversation in Mass Effect. I was clearly exhausted but it was still strange to wake up and see that a character had been waiting patiently for me to respond hours later after the conversation had begun.

  • Honestly fell asleep during WoW during a raid, cause they extended the time to down the boss that wsa sc close, go to t apoint where i didnt actually join the fight till about 3-4 minutes into it cause i woke up again.

  • I have done it to a few games. GT 4 was the first time i did it (during the 4 hour race). had a party one night and stayed up playing NBA live halfway through i started to hallucinate and thought i was watching a classic 1980s bball game. also feel asleep during mario party 8 for the wii

  • Fell asleep playing ME:3, Skyrim, MW3, BlackOps, Halo:Reach, Batman:A.City…pretty much a lot of games…Does that make me a bad person?

  • Well oblivion nearly bored me to sleep but then I came to my senses & put a good game on as well.

    I’ve been exhausted after marathons of gaming before but never actually fallen asleep to one. I suppose technically you could count Syndicate (the real one), I once left that running overnight to get some research done & build up buckets of cash. Turns out that Amiga’s on carpet left on overnight tend to get quite warm but damn was I rich

  • Plenty. Xenoblade Chronicles was the most recent one. Nodded off whilst still pushing foward on the controller. Walked off a cliff and died.

  • If it’s been on console or PC, never. The sheer act of being upright keeps me awake. Handhelds are a different story though. I’ve lost track of the amount of times I was snuggled in bed way back when with an original Game Boy and a worm light, with Pokémon being the biggest offender for being late nights and falling asleep to, especially with some of the route music being so damm good. It’s happaned a fair bit recently to, mostly with my PSP and games like Half Minute Hero, Untold Legends or Persona.

  • Off the top of my head Dirt 3 so far. No idea why. I do enjoy the game, but driving around circles gets tedious and boring. Probably good thing i haven’t got around to getting my licence yet 😛

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