What The Heck Did EB Games Australia Post On Its Facebook Page?

This bizarre image was posted by EB Games on its Facebook profile on Saturday. It slipped under my weekend radar, which is why you're only hearing about it now. The picture was accompanied by the message "All will be revealed...soon.", though its purpose is not entirely mysterious.

Mousing over the image reveals the words "EB EXPO", so my guess is the retailer will be making an announcement regarding the event in the near future. How the image itself relates? I have no idea. It looks like someone just disintegrated Spider-Man, but that's not particularly helpful.

If you'd care to take a guess, don't let me stop you!

EB Games Australia [Facebook, via Just Push Start]


    Umm the EB EXPO thing you said was done when you looked over it, it's actually a tag put on by a random facey user, so it's probably not that

      Ah. Thanks for the heads-up Brendan. As you can probably guess, I'm not the biggest user of Facebook.

        haha no worries Logan, you got people to look at it anyway, so that's a good enough job ahah :)

      Just updated the image on facebook. Sydney can now be seen, definitely expo hype

        If not, it could be microsoft flight offering a 30 dollar package to fly over sydney harbour haha :)

    The last EB Expo was laaaame. Just a bunch of recycled stuff I'd already seen at E3 and no WiiU or Vita. If you read Kotaku, then you'll have seen everything at the expo 6 months before it begins.

      Right because watching the game on screen as opposed to live playable demos are exactly the same =P

      That being said for the very limited resources they had E2 wasn't that bad IMHO. Also their setting E2 on October this year so hopefully they'll have a bit more content

      I went to the 2010 Tokyo Game Show and 2011 PAX East Boston in the 12 months before the 2011 EB Expo at the Gold Coast. I thought, considering its much smaller scale, the EB Expo actually held its own and was an enjoyable event for me.

      I agree though, the lack of on-hands Vita demo was an unfortunate oversight.

      I believe 2012 EB Expo will be in Sydney.

        Just to let you know, the lack of Demo/product that you might be thinking of at the Expo actually comes down to the vendor, not EB Games. Glad to hear that the show in Australia does hold it's own against the international counterparts :-)

    Dragon -Spider-man!

    It wouldn't surprise me in the least if this is an EB expo thing, there are notifications in the B-line every now and then talking about it.
    Last year's Expo was essentially what they do every year for vendor's show, where managers get together and trial new games, listen to presentations, etc. They just got the bright idea of opening it up to the public, since all the facilities were in place anyway.
    This year's is indeed in Sydney, and will be much, much bigger. The entire vendor's show is moving to Sydney to accommodate it.

    The remains of their competitor GAME?

    Maybe they are going to open a store that actually sells NEW games...
    EB The only store in the country where you buy new games that are not sealed. How do you know you are not paying full price for a used game??

    Not newsworthy...

      not oxygen worthy

        I'd argue against that, eb games is a huge part of gaming in australia and so any "surprise announcement" they make surely belongs in the "In real life" section of kotaku australia.

    EB employee here, that's the EB TV logo behind the image. (I see it almost everyday, it's the logo that's in the corner of the trailer screens)I don't know anything else but maybe some new online video content (kinda like what GAME are doing)?

    Shredded confederate flag? Assassin's Creed 3 release date?

    Light up dance group, you know those guys that where the suits that light up when they dance n look like they're flying n shit.

    Based on the latest image and the eb expo website now listing the event being held in Sydney its defiantly eb expo http://www.ebexpo.com.au/

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