What 'Unexpected' Game Is Capcom Teasing Now?

Capcom will reveal an "unexpected" new game in next week's edition of Famitsu, Andriasang reports today.

We don't know anything about it yet, but I've got some suggestions for the Japanese publisher:

  • Breath of Fire V
  • Mega Man Legends: 'Sorry We Screwed You Guys Over' Edition
  • Phoenix Wright x Tekken
  • DLC: The Experience
  • Marvel vs. Capcom vs. The World
  • Resident Evil: We Promise This One Is More Like 4
  • Capcom Teaches Typing
  • Dead Rising 2: Again

But this is Capcom we're talking about. So it will probably be a browser-based Street Fighter.

Unexpected Capcom Title Being Announced in Famitsu Next Week [Andriasang]


    Am i the only one who would love to see a new Captain Commando game or Rival Schools...... sigh

      Rival schools? Hellz yeah.

      I never saw a release outside of the arcade version though, is there one?

        Dreamcast bro.

        Still play it to the day.

    Dogma's Dragon? Or maybe Dragon's Dogma X Double Dragon Neon

    Tell me it's a proper sequel to Okami and I will be your bitch for life Capcom

      It will absolutely not be this, but god it would be good if it was.

        If you want an Okami sequel, the ONLY way it would be good is if Platinum Games made it. Clover Studios (RIP) made the original and most of their staff now work at Platinum Games. Personally, I want to see Power Stone 3 or another Tech Romancer. Giant Robot Beat-Em-Up!

        Of course, there's always the hope it might be THAT game being made again...

          Playing Bayonetta, is was so obvious seeing all the inspiration they took from Okami. It was littered with references to it! And I agree, while Okamiden was great, it wasn't as good as Okami. Sega probably won't give them up to Capcom to make it though :(

          I'm pretty sure that if I were rich, I'd self fund an Okami sequel just so I could play it hahaha

    Street Fighter VS DLC

    Until you buy the extra characters your fights consist of your selected character standing there by themselves looking bored.

      Lmao!! best game title ever!!

    My guess is Darkstalkers 4, seeing as they've all but confirmed it multiple times previously.

      That doesn't seem very unexpected though.

    Breath of Fire: Dragon's Quarter was Breath of Fire V, it just lost the V in the ocean on its way Westward. I'd really like to see a proper continuation of the I-IV series in a sixth game but hopefully with a bit of non-series-perverting modernisation.

    BoF 4 was shit, what is the point of a fifth...


    Knowing cashom we wont see any new final fight .breath of fire.dino crisis .
    more like deadrising 3 1/2 edition

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