When Did Video Game Characters Start Looking This Damn Good?

The correct answer, as EVE Online players already know, is last year, when an expansion to the game brought about avatars that must surely be the envy of every other video game involving human characters on the planet.

The lighting helps, especially the way it reacts to their skin and hair (and the fact Dead End Thrills took the shots at with 2160p rendering), but what I like most about them is the fact they're so human in their proportions. They don't look like cartoon characters, they don't look like comic book characters, their eyes, noses, everything looks as it should.

Take special note of the eyes, and the lips, and how they're able to convey subtle emotions.

I'm not saying they look real, or are able to overcome the uncanny valley, but stuff like this is a definite step in the right direction. Especially since these aren't characters specifically modelled by an artist, they're created by the players themselves.

It's also a reminder that for all of people's talk of "next gen" visuals with Sony and Microsoft's next console, in many ways that "next gen" is already here. It's just on the PC.

EVE Online [Dead End Thrills]


    The hair textures need a little more work, but the actual faces are brilliant.

    If only Bethesda could get a hold of this somehow...

      The problem lies with their artists which are shit.

        Since when has art been about recreating life perfectly? I'd argue it's about the opposite of that. Do we really need to keep following the 80s pipe dream of virtual reality? It's lame.

          Bethesda's stuff looks like shit because it tries too hard to look real. It doesn't succeed at being artistic or realistic.

        Tezz - You have no idea of the the pain that artists go through to get hair to look good.

      Hair is extremely hard to render. Hair and fur. I hate drawing hair.

    Realistic enough to look human, stylised enough through the texture colour and shaders to dodge the uncanny valley.

      Exactly what I was thinking. This is how you do Humans in games, Great stuff.

    Characters have looked this damn good ever since Quake 3

    while it is awesome, the only reason Eve can do this is because those characters are usually just portraits. Most of the time all you see is a ship so they can afford to make things that take a lot of resources to render properly.

      I will agree that most of the time all you see is the ship. But there is the whole walking in stations thing where the character walks around. Unfortunately for now it is only one character at a time, in a single room. The plan is to eventually have whole stations to roam / setup store in.

    It's seemed, for the past few generations of console gaming at least, that one generation's pre-rendered cutscene is the next generation's real-time rendered graphics. If this sort of thing is what we can expect from games in the next 10 years... I'm excited.

    The Black guy and the Brunet with the white singlet are ridiculous, very well pulled off.

    They still look like plastic with dead eyes... really good looking plastic!

    Eve online always seems to get the news lol sadly I don't have the Romeror this game I've played a trial of the game now and played one from years ago the game can be fun but time consuming

    Is there any way to get access to the EVE Online character creator without owning the actual game? I don't think the game's my thing, but I'd love to play around with this.

      You can get a free trial if you just want to play with the character creator then bin it.

        Thank you both very much. I think I'll bookmark it for when the semester's over.

    Holy shit those are awesome.

    yes, but how is the animation and expression rigging on the faces? Its one thing to make a still image look good, but shoddy animation can ruin it all.

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