Where Are You Travelling?

On Tuesday at 11am we like to ask you guys and girls a question that isn't about video games. I know.... crazy. Today I want to know if you guys have any travelling plans and, if not, where have you guys been in the past that you'd totally recommend?

I've been to a lot of places I'd recommend. Lived in Japan for almost two years and would totally recommend going to Kyoto if you can. My wife's from Chile, and I went there to meet some of her relatives, that was also awesome — particularly Patagonia. It is AWESOME.

Anyway, enough about me. Any travel plans? Where are some of the best spots you've visited?


    I'm off to Shanghai for work next month. Anyone got any advice for a China-newbie?

      Depending on where you're staying it should be easy to communicate. The train system is really easy to use and everything is labelled in English with English voiceovers, so it's very convenient. Only thing would be that maybe taxis won't know *that* much English, but I wouldn't use them anyway unless you really had to.

      Food and general shopping is so incredibly cheap :D

      Also watch out for con artists/scammers, unfortunately. They tend to speak good English and generally make up stories about needing money. I lost RMB 100 (about ~$15) because I realised halfway through that it was a scam and didn't really feel safe just walking away, given that we were in a kind of back alley.

      China is amazing. Shanghai isnt too hard because its such a hub a lot of things are easy enough to figure out. But I guess I may have had help with my wife... Enjoy it. Awesome place.

    In a couple of weeks I am heading to the US of A!!!
    Going with a group and I think we have bitten off more then we can chew.
    Fly to Los Angeles, then to Las Vegas, then to Orlando, then to Miami, then to New York, then to San Francisco and then to Honolulu.
    I think we are going to be busy :P

      Awesome sounding trip. I went to a few of those locations last year. If its not too forward, I'll share my advice.

      Vegas is... a strange place. Its great your going with a group, because Vegas is more of an experience to be had than a good place to visit.You can see shit there that just doesn't exist anywhere else - that of itself makes it worth a visit. If you can afford it, get tickets to O at the Bellagio. I've seen a bit of Cirque in my time, and it was easily the best.

      My key advice for Vegas is the "three nights tops" rule. A lot of people told me this before I left, and I didn't listen. I did seven. I was very wrong. By night five I basically wanted to die. Vegas is intense, even beyond the obvious partying, gambling, etc. I think it has something to do with the amount of light and sound your exposed to.

      I don't really have any advice about LA - I try to spend as little time there as possible. Its easily the worst city I've been to. I don't know how people live there.

      San Francisco is awesome. I spent a week there and wish I'd spent longer. They have some great bars, the booze is real cheap, and the locals real friendly. Also, visiting the rock was great, clichéd as it is. Also, if its your thing, the medicinal weed is pretty great.

        Agreed on Vegas, three nights would be enough. Also, check out Penn and Teller at the Rio. Brilliant.

        Re LA, there's fun to be had, but you cant stay in the same place too long. I stayed in Venice Beach, and explored that and Santa Monica, then stayed in Hollywood and checked out Beverly Hills. Also, check out the theme parks.

        Also, hire a car while you're in LA. Cheaper than taxis, better than spending hours on the woeful public transport system.

          Thanks for the advice guys, I am certainly glad that you both agree on the three nights in Vegas as that is exactly how long we are staying.
          Also, may now look into hiring a car for longer in LA, we were just going to use it to get from LA to Vegas, but now may use it while in LA.
          Cheers guys.

            Yeah - you'll definitely want a car. There's basically no public transport, the public transport that is around is far from safe, and the city is really spread out.

            And I agree with Jeremy - Santa Monica was alright. Some nice bars on the beach.

          Shit - how could I forget Penn and Teller. That was probably the highlight of my trip! I got to go and stage and test the props for Teller and everything! So awesome.

      haha I did the same thing.. almost.

      Sanfran>Niagara falls>NY>South Beach Miami>Orlando>Bal Harbour (Nth Miami)>Grand Canyon>Vegas>San Diego>LA

      Did all that in about 5 weeks... it was amazing and you will love all of it dude.

    I'm in the US for a month and a half from July 12th. Any recommend anything to do in Chicago-New Orleans-Orlando (Disneyworld is covered)-NYC-DC-Boston-Niagra Falls-Toronto-NYC-Cleveland-Hawaii?

      In Orlando, if you're a space junkie there's nothing like the Kennedy Space Centre (even though the actual touristy part is a little dodgy.) If you plan to go to the Smithsonian in D.C. you might want to skip the Space Centre, because they basically cover the same ground. Still, there's a sense of history. Rockefeller Centre in New York has a damn good observation deck that rivals Empire State, in fact if you hate crowds Rockefeller Centre is for you.

        NYC is awesome. Probably my favourite city on earth. To visit at least, don't know if I could live there since instead of being in the centre of Manhattan I'd probably have to live way out in the sticks and commute 2 hours each way every day :P

        But you have to go to the Museum of Natural History. And probably allow a full day at least to see it.

        Central Park is amazing - probably my favourite part of NYC, although obviously your enjoyment will largely depend on the weather at the time.

        Empire State Building is worth a look, although you'll get just as good a view from "Top of the Rock" at Rockefeller Plaza, and much shorter queues.

        Some great art galleries, my favourite being the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

        Take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn (duh) and back again, too - that's a great walk.

          Oh, yeah. Central Park. It freakin' amazed me that you could be in the middle of the city and not hear traffic and see buildings. Incredible. The zoo's worth a visit too if you've got time to kill, fairly small though.

    Bali! Karma Kandara Resort.

    Off to Port Douglas on Thursday for 5 nights, next holiday after that will be the honeymoon and we're thinking Whitsundays!

    Heading to Bali next Wednesday. Getting away from the wife for a boys week. Bintang singlets here I come... :P

    Greece, Crete, in spring, doesn't get more beautiful than that :D

    Heading to Taiwan in December for a few months, should be amazing.

    Going to South America for a month in September. Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay. Not sure what else yet.

    Halfway between Whitestar and Ivarstead, gotta go kill some bears for this chick I met.

    Going to Shanghai in October for about a week, then off the Europe - Czech Rep., Germany, Italy, Spain, France, UK - until the end of the year.

    A few years ago went to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, and a few years before that went to Costa Rica.

    All awesome places to visit. Except Cambodia. Low key, nice natural landscape, but dirt poor. I don't mind roughing it, but that was a bit extreme.

    I'm trying to get money together to hit up Japan, as most gamers will inevitably want to do at some point. Kyoto is on the list, if for no other reason than to ride the steepest rollercoaster in the world. It's featured (briefly) on season 2 of An Idiot Abroad.
    I've been all over south east Asia and Vietnam is by far the best place I've been, although a close second is climbing Mt Kinabalu in Borneo. The hardest thing physically I've ever done was climbing that bitch but standing on the summit as the sun rises over the mountain range is an unparalleled experience.

    I'm doing Boston and New York in August. Any advice for a first timer?

    I did Portugal, Spain and England in January. I think Barcelona is the best city I've ever been to if people are interested in going. So awesome.

      Get some authentic New York pizza slices. It's awesome, though you'll never look at the sorry excuse we call pizza the same way again. :P

    Fiji in October. I don't think I will get too many street passes there unfortunately.

    I'm from Kenya and I highly recommend a visit to the Maasai Mara game reserve. It's beautiful especially when you go on sunset drives. I'd suggest staying at the Mara Serena as well. Driving through Nairobi national park is also recommended, don't go there during high traffic seasons though because it can get really busy and being caught in traffic inside a game reserve is not fun.

    Melbourne and Sydney have some great places to visit as well. I loved my trip to the blue mountains and the looking at Melbourne from the Eureka Skydeck is amazing.

    Hoping to get to Tanjung Rhu resork in Langkawi (Malaysia) later this year. Went there a few years back and it's a great place to kick back and do nothing for a few days. Went to USA last year and Japan the year before which were both great, but also exhausting. It'd be nice to slob around by a pool and stare at the sea and eat/drink too much for a few days :P

    When I finish my Honours degree in June I'm planning on taking a completely brainless trip up to the Gold Coast for some serious water slide action. I usually holiday in remote, beautiful places or cultural centres of the world where I can delve into the local history... but flippin' heck, after this degree, I just need some aquatic mayhem. Wet 'n' wild baby!

    I've been to Japan, was in Tokyo for a couple of weeks 'cause my dad was there on business.
    I've been to England, heck I am English, and I've been all over there and I love it even though it's damn expensive.
    I've been to Paris. I'd only recommend that if you have someone to share it with.

    I've been to Rome and, other than the way we got there, definitely my best travel experience to date. Rome was brilliant.

    Other than that, it's just been trips within Australia. Love Port Douglas.

    No trips planned atm though, sadly. :(

    Doing a Gap tour of China and Japan in late September- Early October. Beijing, Xi'an, Suzhou, Shanghai, Osaka, Hiroshima, Kyoto and, of course, Tokyo. No idea how I'll handle three days in Tokyo on my own with no aptitude with the language, but I'll manage.

    Heading to LA, Vegas, San Fran San Diego in July with my brother and a few friends. The main core of the trip is hitting up Comic Con, but I'm really hoping I can cue up some other awesome nerdy locations, events and parties through the trip, so if anyone has any suggestions (or if anyone else is heading to ComicCon) then lemme know!

    I always thought I lived in a dull place ... so I traveled, all over the world. I learned that you can have a great time in some horrible places, and a crap time in some amazing places. then I went back to where I grew up and traveled there ... it really opened my eyes. I felt like I'd been wearing blinkers the whole time when I lived there.

    So I recommend travelling around your home country/state. You can always burn a heap of hydrocarbons and $$ to make up for what you saved on a bigger trip!

    Want to go to the US on a big trip. Got the money, got the leave but work won't let me. To many commitments and projects. :(

    Off to Canada in November for a year or so, really looking forward to exploring there and will be going into America quite a bit too

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