Which Of These 15 Draw Something Player Types Fits You?

After playing Draw Something on the iPhone or iPad for any amount of time, you begin to mentally file your partners by type. Lihay Kalvo created this video to help you properly identify which category you fall into.

Me? I fall somewhere between the one that can't draw and the artist that saves the word for the end. I once had to draw "Lawyer", so I drew a highway with cars passing by, the sky, some trees, and finally a billboard featuring a man in a suit with "Were You Injured?" written on it. The person I played against must have hated me so much.

So where so you fall?

Draw Something - what type of player are you ? [YouTube]


    The "artist" who saves the word for the very end.... THATS MEEEEEE~!

      I do it on purpose for some friends. I drew someone shooting up some drugs and then a little red arrow pointing to a spoon.

    A combination of saving the word for the end, and drawing a horse for a Facebook friend.

    And sometimes that guy that can't draw.

    I save the word for the end, it builds suspense, you see..
    Also a bit of the overachiever
    'Slackers' irritate me - What's the point of even playing!?

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