While You Were Sleeping

I usually hate it when people attach some sort of banal narrative to each day of the week. 'Oh, Monday. Man, Mondays right?' Says everyone in the whole world on Monday. It bugs me, I think, because I like my job. Maybe I'm just one of the lucky ones! But, yeah, I woke up tired this morning and, for the first time in ages, groaned, 'oh man... Monday!' But I'm here! And I'm about to tell you about all the game news that went down while you were sleeping!

I don't know how long it took me to finish Ocarina of Time, but it definitely wasn't less that 25 minutes, which is how long it took this guy to polish it off! Some glitching is involved — obviously — but it's still a pretty amazing achievement. It's also pretty cool that he finishes the game as 'Little Link'!

Sometimes I have no perspective, so I'm not sure if absolutely everyone is playing and enamoured with Fez, or just the people I follow on Twitter, but it felt like this weekend was a Fez weekend. In the process of its launch and everyone playing it fervently, some bugs have been found. Apparently there are fixes in the works.

The PlayStation Network is going down tomorrow for 12 hours. No big problem, just maintenance. Our Weekend Editor Logan Booker went to the Symphony of Legends thing in Melbourne — anyone else attend? Also — more news on what Valve is working on at the moment.

In Short Fez Devs Say They're Working To Fix Game Crashing Bugs Watch Ocarina Of Time Completed In Just 25 Minutes PlayStation Network Will Be Down Tomorrow Symphony Of Legends: The Classiest Video Game Music I ever Did Hear Valve Is Working On Wearable Computing. Seriously


    Good god I hope they fix Fez soon. I rarely come across bugs in game or if I do hardly notice them but I have had quite a few hard crashes to xbox start up screen and lock ups. This didn't worry me until I read that some crashes can corrupt save files so now I have to wait don't want to risk it.

    Anyone know a good place to get MS Points for Fez? They all seem like such a ripoff.

    I think it's because you like your job too :P

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