While You Were Sleeping

Before I kick off today's While You Were Sleeping, something really neat happened to me on the train this morning that I would like to share.

On the train into work someone tapped me on the shoulder. My first thought was: "Oh god, please don't let this be someone from high school asking me how my job at 'Contiki' or 'Cockatoo' or 'Kotaco' is going". My second thought: "Well, I guess I am going to die in this game of ZiGGURAT now."

I looked up and a girl (who may have been a university student) handed me a note (pictured). She proceeded to get off the train before I had a chance to read it. First thought: "Oh man! This is like some covert operation thing! Can we have code names? Can my code name be T-Pain?" Second thought: "Umm... someone I don't know just gave me a note."

Some of you may know that I went by the handle "Rei" when I worked on ABC TV's Good Game. The note that was given to me contained the loveliest message expressing appreciation for Kotaku and my writing. It was signed Joanna Ung.

So here's my message back to the sender!

Dear Joanna,

Thank you so much for your kind message. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to speak to you on the train — I will admit I was a bit confused as to why a complete stranger was handing me a piece of paper! — but I really appreciate the sentiment. Thank yooooou!"

<3 Tracey

OK, now onto video gaaaaaaaames!

Is Apple preparing a controller for its iOS devices? If so, what are the chances Apple will be the console killer?

Pink. Video games. Marketing. This is an important article for anyone who cares about gaming and video game culture. In other news, this is how Bomberman could look if it was a first-person game, and Angry Birds is getting a 52 episode animation.

In short Rumour: Apple working on game controller for iOS devices How to avoid hating people even if they wear the wrong colour Look how gorgeous first-person Bomberman could be 52 episodes of Angry Birds animation coming


    I thought we established that your codename was Bubble-T.

      Yup. Bubble-T all the way!

      Besides, it's hard to line up product endorsements for a "T-Pain".

        Although, maybe we could try the pressure sell on dentists? "Tooth Pain? T-Pain!" giving advice on correct dental hygiene might work.

        "Ingrown toenails? We know your T-Pain!"

    Thats awesome, Im so going to pass you a note next time I see you.. in fact we should all start doing that.. it should be a 'thing'.. But that was really nice btw. Nice people are nice.

    That reminds me, I need to follow you home today.

    What? I NEED TO WATCH SOMEONE PLAY ZIGGURAT. Seriously, I can't get past 76 kills.

      http://insertcredit.com/2012/02/26/how-to-not-suck-at-ziggurat/ This may help.

    So nice to have a feel good story to start the day! Must have been a real awesome kickstart to your day! :)

    I would've just assumed that it was anthrax. :P

    That's sooooo freakin coool!!!!

    I wish people would pass me nice letters on the train...

    Although i don't take the train.

    So please note - all motorists feel free to throw pleasant notes in through my car window whilst i'm driving.
    Please try not to hit my eyes.
    I need them to see.

    on Dick Smith's facebook page last night, staff have been uploading images of all the stock they purchased before the sale begun. Cos you know, teasing customers after a shoddy sale is good business practice.

    Sounds better than my trip to work on the bus.

    Was sat next to some woman with the most awful, rancid, putrid breath that I was practically gagging the whole way in. Couldn't even read my book because my eyes were watering so much. Horrendous. Would have been happy if somebody had skipped the notes and just handed her a mint or something.

    Tracey question. Why did you go with the handle of Rei? Is that your gaming nickname or just one that the people at GG gave you?

      It was my gaming handle at the time although I haven't used it since I left Good Game.

        Clearly you watched too much Evangelion on SBS during the 90's.

        I had no idea you are Rei! I used to watch GG all the time (haven't for a while now) and being a Kotaku regular, I never put two and two together.

        Well, TIL.

    Its because she is an android that has no emotion. The only person she loves is her creator.

    I swear, playing ZiGGURAT in a public forum is a dangerous game. I get so in the zone, then BAM! Guitar squeal, and yelling FUCK! Out loud. Then hitting Start Over and doing it all again. My personal best is 356. I WILL MEET THE PURPLE FREAK

    *Gasp* Thank you Tracey! I was super nervous to give you the note especially with people all around on the peak hour train. But i'm glad that you liked it =]

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