While You Were Sleeping

While you were playing, somebody in the US played a whole lot of Kinect Star Wars and puppies cried (events may or may not be related).

Kinect Star Wars has turned out to be one of the most bizarre games I have recently seen. There's nothing wrong with the Kinect per se, but the whole Han Solo dancing game thing is more than my feeble mind can handle. This is the Kotaku review.

Jumping, crying, Journey... Kirk Hamilton believes that EDGE Online may be onto something.

In other news, Evan Narcisse expresses his concerns about his daughter's gaming future. As a half-black, half-Asian child, will she have any in-game role models? Also, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier comes to PC on June 12.

In short Kinect Star Wars: The Kotaku review Why you cried while playing Journey http://www.kotaku.com.au/2012/04/why-you-cried-while-playing-journey/ Why I'm worried about my daughter's video game future Ghost Recon: Future Soldier comes to PC on June 12


    The new kotaku mobile site is horrid

      I like it, personally.

        You can't see how many comments on a story, you can't skip to comments from the top of a story, you can't see the author so can't avoid plunkett and ashcraft, and the colour is putrid.

          Mostly good points there. (I don't mind the colour scheme.)

          But it seems to be more stable on my phone and it works much better for articles with lots of comments like Talk Amongst Yourselves.

        I know you probably saw this complaint coming but I miss being able to see who wrote the articles before I click into them

          Or even a small blurb

        BUT WHY!?

    Aw, Tracey, who is who in this photo? (Obviously the dogs =P)

      Isabelle on the left, Humphrey on the right!

        Are they related? Sorry, i love dogs =P

          Yes! Humphrey is the baby of Isabelle. :)

    That was me just being melodramatic for the sake of it. Don't mind me. Like was mentioned above, seeing the author, comment count and skipping straight to the user comments would be nice.

      Damnit! That was meant to be a reply to myself above and directed @ McGarnical. Thank you.

    Nice to see there's no response to these valid criticisms of the new mobile site, but if you ask about a picture of a dog you get it's bloody life story.

      What kind of response are you expecting? Editors are not developers and they probably don't have that much say in the sites layout.

      Im sure they are watching and taking the feedback on board even if they don't respond to everyone.

      Tracey doesn't organise the site, someone else covers that. If you have an issue, press the report issue button

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