While You Were Sleeping

I never thought I could get jetlag from spending a single week in Perth, a place that is actually in the same country as Sydney, but somehow I managed to pull it off. So while you were sleeping, I was lying on my back with my eyes bolted to the ceiling. Now I'm knackered! But yes — video games!

You may have noticed from the flurry of cosplay posts, but the Penny Arcade Expo was kicking off over the Easter weekend. And yeah — stuff happened. 'What stuff happened? Stop being so vague you sleepy ginger idiot,' I hear you say. Well, a solid prank by Penny Arcade on that nasty Ocean Marketing man, for one.

But for easy access, here is a massive round up of the coolest things the US team saw at PAX.

The other stuff: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 is actually happening, here's the proof, and sadly, Jack Tramiel, father of the Commodore computer, has passed away. As the proud owner of an Amiga, and a jealous Spectum owner, I am saddened by this news.

In Short All The Awesome Stuff We Saw At PAX East This Weekend Penny Arcade Pranks Ocean Marketing Nemesis Jack Tramiel, Father Of The Great Commodore Computer, Dies At 83 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Is Actually Happening, Here's Animated Proof The Incredible Mass Effect Cosplayers Of PAX East 2012

While You Were Sleeping is a round up of the biggest posts overnight. We wake up early, so you don't have to!


    Because Shiggy is in Japan, I thought I'd take over his tradition. Todays entry in
    What's Awesum Animalz Wot You Prolly Ain't Ever Heard of But Wot Are Totally Reallz (or WAAWYPAEHBWATR):

    The Banana Llama -

      the Banana Llama (Musa Bana Lama Glama)

      Was an experimental bio-robot created by Dr Light in the year 20XX which proved to be not also tasty but rich in potassium. The creatures were bred by aging hippies to supplement their bio-fuel incomes and support their pot habits and soon the markets were flooded with cheap and tasty meat goods or "meat-goods" which people bought and often consumed (It takes all sorts, really).

      It was around 20XX when a scientist by the name of discovered that the meat was highly toxic and was capable of killing a human in mere minutes. Some wondered why it took XX years for people to realise that their main food source was highly lethal but "the Guv'ment" blamed the rapidly declining population and claimed there just weren't enough scientists around at the time.

      A year later in 20XX, Professor Bongo the Monkey declared all breeding of Banana Llama's illegal... Or he threw a poo at a lady. One of these things happened and history is not entirely sure which, but we will go with the former for now, as it helps conclude the narrative.

      In the end Superman flew the remaining Llamas to the moon where they survived entirely on moon cheese. Until they didn't.

      Tune in tomorrow for more informative information.

      Where's the pic?


        Oh, here it is.


    Holy shit, an actual article! Mark, you're making Kotaku US look bad. ;)

    Amiga 500 was my first foray into gaming.
    Commodore made some amazing contributions to the computer industry as a whole, and this is sad news indeed.

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