While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping... OH MY GOD ONE DIRECTION ARE STAYING AT THE HOTEL NEXT TO OUR BUILDING! Seriously, yesterday there was literally a terrifying zombie horde of teenage girls camping out, screaming constantly. Oh yeah, and video game stuff happened!

Depending on your tastes, a couple of things could be seen as being the 'biggest' or 'most important' piece of game news coming out overnight. For me it's the Trials HD riddle reveal. Kotaku reader FatShady has put so much into making this happen, and the end result is sort of spectacular — not just for the answer, but for the reveal video itself. Kotaku readers have been involved at every level: creating the music, the artwork, QA, everything. Thanks to everyone involved, great work everyone.

But also, BOOM! Capcom news, loads of it. Arguably the biggest is the new Resident Evil 6 trailer, which I'm quite excited about, but there's Devil May Cry news, and a surprise Lost Planet 3 reveal.

And finally, here is some cool BioShock cosplay. Just because, that's why!

In Short The Trials HD Riddle Finally Revealed! In Resident Evil 6 Even The Zombies Have Guns The New Devil May Cry Seems A Lot Like The Old Devil May Cry The BioShock Party Was Stuffed With Cool BioShock Cosplay Lost Planet 3 Debut Trailer Leaks Online


    I feel so sorry for you Mark. How the heck did you manage to stop?

      *sleep. that was derp

        I think he's talking about the Kotaku building, not his place of residence. Although, now that Tracey is gone, you might catch him burning the midnight oil :)

    So its kind of what May 15 will be like, except less girls and more bearded men screaming

      Yep, something tells me that May 15 is going to cause the Maximum amount of Payne, I mean, it's going to be Diablolical!

    If I've never heard of One Direction before, does that make me old, out of touch, or somehow cool?

      As I share your sentiment, the correct answer is 'somehow cool'
      I do not care for this boy band, with their Bieber-esque hairdos and unified dress scheme.

      I hadn't even heard of those kids until I walked past the TV yesterday. I myself am pretty proud that I had no idea who the hell those kids were, so yes, 'somehow cool' is what it is in my books.

      Never heard of them before until my computer-illiterate supervisor asked me for a favour to order a few concert tickets from Ticketek's online store. I thought I'd have enough time to just waltz in at 10AM. They sold all the tickets in like the first 5 minutes... Yeah.

    I think my car has been destroyed by your horde, Mark. Here's a clue where I work: My office is at 24 Artarmon Road, Willoughby.


    haha thats awesome, can just picture you guys leaving work and being all wtf??


    Who are One Direction?

    No, honestly...who are they?

      Just imagine five Justin Biebers united to form a boy band. Then walk away and never think about it again. :p

        Plus they're British so the squee factor apparently gets turned up to 11.

    Never heard of them until I watched the most recent Saturday Night Live. I would be quite happy to still not know about them. Their performance just reminded me of the fingerbang episode of South Park.

    Rule of thumb: If you look at the trending topics on twitter and have no idea what they are, it will be something to do with Justin Bieber or One Direction.

    I work with Twitter. Subsequently, I know way too much about 1D for my liking.

      Clearly, because you just called them "1D"

    You get me a signature for my sister, I send you a copy of Dante's Inferno and a kiss. Maybe no kiss. Depends.


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