While You Were Sleeping

Kids on school holidays means a seat on the train! Hurray! Also — video game news. It happens. But sometimes you have to sleep; sometimes you have to sleep for a substantial amount of time. This is where we come in, this is what happened... while you were sleeping. I know, I'm smooth.

Fez, I'm excited about this game because other people are excited about it. Technically that's a bit stupid, but I can't help it. After a long, drawn out development period, Fez is approaching release, and Kotaku US has a review. You should go read that review.


(It's not really an order, please continue to do whatever it is you were planning to do.)

Man, I just don't want to hear about this anymore, but you may want to read about it — so here it is. The Better Business Bureau says that Mass Effect 3 was falsely advertised.

Dark Souls on the PC has a release date! This alternate Mass Effect 3 fan-made trailer is better than the official one, and Peter Molyneux explains why he went indie!

In Short Fez: The Kotaku Review The Better Business Bureau Says Yes, Mass Effect 3 Was Falsely Advertised Peter Molyneux Explains Why He Left Lionhead And Microsoft To Go Indie Dark Souls Prepare To Die Edition Coming To PC On August 24 Alternative Mass Effect 3 Launch Trailer Is Better Than The Official One


    Also, Crysis 3! \o/

      I just think it's funny how EA went ahead and confirmed the rumor, instead of just ignoring/not commenting on it.

        I think they'll be grabbing any opportunity to cheer people up after the ME3 BS and being voted worst company in America. Both of these things were overblown crap, but the masses will want compensation, dammit!

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