While You Were Sleeping

It's sounds totally stupid, but 10 days in Perth was enough for me to be totally jet lagged all this week. Being tired during the day, fully awake when it was time to sleep. Stupid body clock. Never mind, tomorrow I'll jut sleep in late and ruin my body clock all over again. Garr. Also — in this post — video game news and things that happened while you were (supposed to be) sleeping.

Does Goldeneye suck? At the time, of course, it totally didn't. But, I did actually play Goldeneye at a friend's house during one of those, 'hahaha, remember how awesome Goldeneye was I was totally the best at it' moments. Believe me — playing that game again was not fun. Not for a second. But still, I can't help but object to Goldeneye for being a bad game, for a number of reasons. Still, worth reading.

It's nice to see that Australia isn't the only country with classification woes. Stephen Totilo goes into detail with two seperate games with two different ratings. It's an interesting look at precisely what affects ratings.

Kinect allows you to scream shouts — thoughts? Jonathan Blow does his I'm an grumpy games developer thing in an interesting article, and Miyamoto would like to make a spiritual sequel to A Link to the Past. What a coincidence. I'd like to play it.

In Short Two Video Games, Two Age Ratings, What's The Bloody Difference? Braid's Jonathan Blow On Art, High Standards And Games As Shitty Action Movies Miyamoto Says He'd Like To Make A Spiritual Sequel To A Link To The Past Why It's OK That Goldeneye Totally Sucks Kinect Integration For Skyrim Let's You Scream Dragon Shouts And More


    I had just about no jet lag when I moved to Canada. It was so weird.

      You are not a real human being.

        Maybe you're not a real human being either Mark! Seriously you were jet lagged off going to Perth? You're only crossing 1 or 2 timezones max.

        Elly Hard - Editor
        Mark Serrels - Author

        What is this Bizarro land I have entered?

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