While You Were Sleeping

This is While You Were Sleeping, your chance to catch up on all the video game news that occurred 'While You Were Sleeping'. That's why it's called 'While You Were Sleeping'. Man, I wish I was still sleeping...

I like it when I come into the office and there's something good for me to read. Until I realise I don't have time to read. But maybe you have time to read! If you do, you could go a lot worse than this nice interview with Cliff Bleszinski.

Draw Something... it seems to be slightly decreasing in popularity, but still — I can't go to a social gathering in my family without being besieged with folks just sitting in a circle with iPhones and iPads drawing stuff at each other. This is an article about Draw Something. But I don't know anything about that stupid game.

This is the cast of Mass Effect as you've never seen them before, To The Moon is coming to Steam, and this is how to play The Witcher 2 the right way.

In Short Tips For Playing The Witcher 2 The Best Way Cliff Bleszinski And The Comic That's Influencing Epic's Next Big Game Indie Gem To The Moon Is Going To The Steam Here's The Cast Of Mass Effect 3 As You've Never Seen Which Of These 15 Draw Something Player Types Fits You?


    Draw Something is pretty much on the way out, I think. 3 weeks ago I'd have 10 games running at once, these days it's about 1 or 2. And even i don't play that often anymore. This is what happens with these popular apps, they get massively popular in a ridiculously short time, Zynga thinks this popularity will last and buy them for a few billion, then everyone moves onto the next thing.

    I call it Myspace syndrome

      I would like it more if I could see what I was drawing.
      Sorry about the crappy srawing/writing Ruffleberg

        It's all good. I'm no picasso myself.

    Who's in the charge of links here!?

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