While You Were Sleeping

Trials. Trials. Trials. Trials. I didn't get much sleep last night. Because Trials Evolution. Man, that game. Anyway, just because Trials Evolution came out doesn't mean the world stopped spinning — so here's what gaming news broke while you were sleeping.

If it wasn't for the release of Trials Evolution, I'd still be playing Fez, because it's brilliant. I'm not yet at the stage where the only puzzles I have to solve are incredibly and overpoweringly obscure, but others are. Apparently this puzzle is so difficult that gamers have rallied together in an attempt to solve it! [Warning: spoilers]

Black Ops 2? It's a possibility, especially since it's the biggest selling Call of Duty game ever released. This poster seems to suggest we might hear official news on this soon.

I like The Oatmeal, so I felt bad when I heard about this backlash against one of his comics, this is a PC built out of LEGO, and there's a rumour doing the rounds that Marvel is going to buy THQ.

In Short If You're Female, Online Gaming Is A Festival Of Compliments And Flattery Ridiculously Obscure Black Monolith In Fez Rallies Gamers To A Group Effort [Spoilers] Is This An Official Poster For Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Speculation: Marvel To Buy THQ And Make Video Games In House You Can Make Anything You Can Imagine With LEGO, Even A PC


    I came home from *cough*indoorbeechvolleyball*cough* and noticed trials was finally there to download. So I decided to play Super Meat Boy while I waited, and finally finshed the light world. Very cool game, glad I finally got a chance to play it.

    Now I'm fidgeting at work because I just want to get home and get stuck into Trials with you guys (was cool to see some of you adding me too).

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