While You Were Sleeping

Mark, Tracey and Kotaku were big winners at the Microsoft ITJourno Awards (The Lizzies) on Friday night. Kotaku picked up the award for 'Best Gaming Coverage', while Tracey took home not only the 'Best Gaming Journalist' gong, but also picked up the most points to take home the Gold Lizzie as 'Best Journalist'. I'm so proud of my babies... uh, I mean colleagues.

I missed out on the shenanigans being way over here in Canada, but I did get to go to the Vancouver Fan Expo over the weekend. More on that in coming days.

Now, onto the gaming news. Don't miss the following stories from the weekend.

Logan reported yesterday that we can expect to see graphics performance on par with that of an Xbox 360 by next year, which reminds us more than ever that trying to keep up with the latest in mobile phone technology is futile. Somebody uploaded Valve's employee company handbook online — it's cute, it's illustrated, and definitely worth a look.

Elsewhere, Owen remembers the days of six-button Xbox controllers, Gabe Newell has something to say about rival EA's Origin service, and something about Sony and illegal drugs.

In short: Dead Space Developer On Gears Of War: ‘Literally The Worst Writing In Games’ Here’s How Torchlight 2 Starts Gabe Newell Updates Interviewer On The State Of (Wink, Wink) Ricochet 2 Leaked Halo 4 Images Reveal New Looks For Enemies And Multiplayer Models


    Congrats, meng!
    You kiss those awards slowly and sensually on camera good!
    I assume that is what one normally does, anyway, judging by last year.

    Major congrats on winning shiny things!

      Shiny and stabby. What more could you want in an award?

        Well It could be delicious too, actually is it delicious? We need details on how the awards taste!

        It could have a built in air freshener the releases a fresh blueberry muffins scent, of something equally delicious.

    Congrats, dudes. Well deserved I say. :)

    Congrats Tracey and Mark! You both are beyond awesome :)

    well done, but in all honesty, not much of competition out there... ;)

    AWARDS! Congrats to everyone, totally deserved accolades!

    Congrats guys! You guys definitely deserved the awards :)


    Well done guys! Very much deserved!

    Wow, congratulations guys. Well deserved.

      Oops. Sorry for the double post. That being said you need all the congrats.


    I hope Mark tore his shirt off...

    Oooh, shiny awards. Congrats guys! Tracey will definitely be missed around here.

    Congrats guys, glad all your hard work is getting the recognition it deserves :D

    I've already said it, but... Congratulations to all!


    Congrats guys! Well deserved.

    Congrats! :D

    Grats guys, well deserved!

    Good work Kotaku. Keep it up!

    Congratulations! \o/

    Congrats. Well deserved.

    Congrats Tracey, and congrats Kotaku.
    Was that for Kotaku US or AU?

      first there was the Internet, then Google invented search.

      "The Lizzies"
      MediaConnect is proud to announce the 10th Annual Microsoft IT Journalism Awards, recognising excellence in IT media and journalism throughout Australia and New Zealand in 2011.

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