While You Were Sleeping

Hahaha! The joys of jetlag. Sometimes they have a positive effect. I actually woke up this morning feeling like a million bucks. Aw yeah! Now it's time for some video game news! I'M SO EXCITED!

I like stories like this: Free Radical co-founder, and one of the developers behind Goldeneye recalls the studios demise. Well worth reading the whole thing for sure. I had always hoped to see another Timesplitters game from these guys.

Man, business people. What do they know? Apparently an 'expert' has claimed that Nintendo should put Mario games on non-Nintendo devices. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Oh wow.

Numerology — apparently it proves that Half Life 3 will be announced at E3! I'd say this is about as solid as the rumour about Apple having a meeting with Valve. So... yeah.

Is it ever okay to throw a controller? If it's wrong I don't wanna be right. And what is the deal with Tribes Ascend in Australia?

In Short Goldeneye Developer And Free Radical Co-Founder Recalls Studios Demise Numerology Proves Half Life Will Be Announced At E3, Really This Week In Business: Nintendo Has To Let Mario Games On Non Nintendo Devices Rant: Is It Ever OK To Throw A Controller? What's The Deal With Tribes Ascend In Australia?


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