While You Were Sleeping

Mark's on holidays and Tracey has gone to interview someone, so she's asked me to make sure you read these stories from overnight. I'll also mention here that Tracey and I are separating.

I'm moving to Canada on Saturday, and although this is my last day at Allure Media's Sydney headquarters, I'll be working remotely from Vancouver. I'll be doing the same job as night editor for Kotaku, Gizmodo and Lifehacker, except I'll actually be working during the day. Instead of starting at 4am, I'll be waking up for a 9am start from the west coast of North America. Fabulous, right?

OK, let's move on to the news before I start crying for no reason.

Kate Cox is unsure if Mists of Pandaria can change her mind about hating World of Warcraft. I say it's just her. What's not to love about fighting pandas? I was addicted to the game around the same time she was playing in 2006.

In hardware news, TechSpot has a guide on putting together the perfect PC, and everybody still knows nothing about how powerful the Wii U is going to be. First it was more powerful than current-gen consoles, then it was less powerful, and now someone is saying it's more powerful and sexy and has a lot of... RAM.

In short: Let’s Stop Pretending iPad Gaming Isn’t For Gamers The Shadowrun Video Game You’ve Always Wanted

Image: marcinbunsch/Flickr


    Aww, it's always sad moving so far away. But I hear Canada is a pretty cool place to live. Just a bit cold.

    Good luck with the move, Elly!

      Canada must be awesome. I lost my Tattooist to Canada just last year..
      Canada is stealing all the peoples.

    Good luck in Canada. Hope it's an awesome adventure!



    But it's Canada.. so i guess that's ok...

    My girlfriend has been in Vancouver for 9 months now Elly and I went to visit over Christmas/New years. VC is stunning, especially during spring/summer. My girlfriend was saying all the Canadians say the cold and wet for 70% of the year is all worth enduring for the amazing summers they have there. You're going at the best time!

      Thank you. That makes me feel better about going. I'll get two summers :)

    Best of luck Elly! Glad to hear that we're not losing you though!


    Good luck Elly.
    You and Trace couldn't make the long distance thing work eh?

    Safe travels Elly! Hope the Allure Media office peppers you with gifts, sugary goodness and whatnot :P

    Canada is awesome. Vancouver is a great city and you've got Whistler not 2 hours away, where you can play in the snow all winter and chill by a lake/mountain bike/hike and rock climb all summer.

    Plus, moose!

    Best of luck with your new adventures Elly. It was great to meet you at the meat a few weeks back.

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