Why Did This Game Store Fail? Hilariously Awful Training Videos, Perhaps

Game Crazy, a now-defunct minor player in the US games retail space, operated for around a decade, kicking off in 1999 and winding down in 2010. Those involved with the chain, a subsidiary of Movie Gallery, will tell you it's because increased competition squeezed it out of the market.

They're wrong. It's because a generation of store clerks were shown this training video, created in 2003.

If you're watching from the start, and are thinking "it's not that bad", you haven't got to Zelda Scott at 1:14 yet.

[Thanks James!]


    No they went out of business because they spent all their money on making this stupid video! And wow wouldn't that Zelda woman look back on that now and feel stupid!

    Ahhh Cant watch "Zelda scott" any more! cant unwatch her dawg!


    You have to give them extra points for paying Saul Goodman to introduce the video though.

    Players shop at normal stores... only Playaz go to game crazy.

    I don't know how I made it through that whole video, but I came out feeling a little better for my choices in life so far.

    I so wish I could fine one of these stores so that I could laugh at them in person.

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