Why Is Razer Making Another Left-Handed Mouse?

Why Is Razer Making Another Left-Handed Mouse?

After a successful Facebook PR campaign, peripheral manufacturers Razer have announced they’ll be making a left-handed version of their Naga mouse.

It’s not the first time this has happened — not even for Razer, whose DeathAdder has previously been available for Southpaws — but it still makes me scratch my head.

I’m left-handed. And I, like every single other left-hander I know, uses a mouse… on the right.

Are there really enough lefties out there who prefer/rely on the flipped ergonomics and buttons to make this worth it? Actually, forget that, I’ll just settle to hear from a leftie in comment if you, or anyone you know, actually uses tech like this. I’d be interested to hear why.

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  • I am right handed and I actually use my mouse on the left. I find it more efficient and more annoying to other people.

  • I used a mouse with my left hand for years, then I bought a G15 keyboard with the macro buttons on the left. Ever since then, right hand for mouse. I can’t think of anything else I’ve switched for my right hand though, not scissors, not sports equipment etc. If you game and want the cool stuff though you don’t have much choice. I don’t even notice it any more, and if people want to use my desk at work they no longer complain 😛

  • My friend is a southpaw, he holds his mouse with his left hand. I bought him an ambidextrous mouse for his b-day last year. No luck getting him to switch to the other hand.

  • Luke. I am a left ended game and I use the mouse in my LEFT HAND. Bring it on Razer! I’ll grab one of these when they come out!!!!

    • i’m left handed too and refuse do join those WASD bastards, pl;’ is the best way for lefties
      currently using a lachleis 5600 but if this is any good i’ll give it a shot

    • i’m left handed too and refuse to join those WASD bastards, pl;’ is the best way for lefties
      currently using a lachleis 5600 but if this is any good i’ll give it a shot

    • As to the why – it’s this bizarre concept called dexterity which is also closely linked to comfort.

  • I’m left handed and have a habit of alternating between hands.

    Just because you don’t use a left handed mouse doesn’t mean it’s a strange idea, I think it’s a good idea.

  • I am Ambidextrous and use the mouse in my left hand for efficiency sake at work. I therefore game with the left hand as well while using the numpad as my wasd . Currently own a left handed Razer and I will be buying one of these just for WoW when it comes out 🙂

  • “I’m left-handed. And I, like every single other left-hander I know, uses a mouse… on the right.”

    I’ve never met a left hander who uses the mouse with their right hand.

    As a left-handed (mouse) gamer, it’s almost impossible to get a good left handed mouse with more than three buttons. I tried to get a cordless laptop mouse with more than three buttons the other day and it was a pointless exercise. Razer produced the Lachesis which is the best ambidextrous mouse I’ve ever used – but very few high-end mice (mouses?) cater for anyone other than right-handed users.

    For those who aren’t aware, approximately 10-15% of the population is left-handed (depending on which definition of left-handed you use). Is that enough to market a specific product?

    • Wow. I don’t know any lefties who use the mouse in the left. Hell, I’M a leftie and I use my right.

      What a strange, amazing world we live in. 🙂

  • I use my mouse in my left hand at work but right hand at home. I tried gaming with left-handed mousing once… it wasn’t pretty. Decades of gaming have nearly hardwired my game brain to a right-hand setup, and I just cannot bring myself to spend the hours/days/months it would take to undo all that…

  • I’m a leftie and, colour me crazy, I’ve always used a mouse with my left hand. As has my brother and father and pretty much every leftie I know. It is crazy that PC gaming is so inaccessible to lefties that people force themselves to use to learn their right hand – if we’re forced to use our right hand none of us (aside from a few outliers no doubt) would be able to compete with a similarly skilled right handed gamer.

    I bought the left handed death adder and I’ll buy this when it comes out, whatever it costs.

  • aargh!!!!!

    after so many years of being forced to use a right hand designed mouse i cannot switch to left! though it has its advantages. my left hand is quicker on the keypad then my right 😉

  • Wow. I can’t believe how many people actually use left handed mice. I’m left handed but I always assumed the other left handed people were like me and just got used to using a right handed mouse from the start.

  • I’m right handed but my mouse hand for gaming is the left, it all started because my mother couldn’t turn her wrist all the way over on her right, so i just stared playing with the arrow keys and the mouse in my left hand. I use a lachesis from razer atm because its ambidextrous. When im working i swap which hand im using depending on what im doing.

  • I’m a lefty & I’ve played using my left hand for mouse forever. Been a gamer from the old Doom & Duke days where controls were based on arrow keys. Real easy to add a left handed mouse to that setup. Hasn’t been an issue as there are plenty of ambidextrous mice available. Although having an ergonomic mouse would be very cool to try, see what all the fuss is about!

  • Hey look! Another gimmicky product by razer!

    Wonder if the mouse is actually going to be worth more than $5 unlike the current naga

  • I’m dying for a real left handed mouse. I use a right side G9 now, it’s actually painful to use with my left, but I’m trying (and failing) to play Battlefield 3 with it.

  • im left handed. the only thing i do left handed is write and play guitar. i find it stupid to make a left handed mouse, i dont know any left handed people that use their left hand for a mouse.

  • Unlike most lefties, who are apparently stupid, I was smart enough to use my dominant hand for the precision controlled movement in computing that is completely analogous to writing: mousing. So yes, I use the mouse in my left hand, why wouldn’t i? Think about it, what is truly different between writing and moving a mouse? If you can’t write accurately with your right hand you can’t mouse accurately. You’ve gotten used to it, but you would have been better off using left hand from the start.

  • I’m a rightie myself but only changed mousing from right to left at work recently to avoid persistent RSI. 10 days later it was like I was born doing it… Who says a 30-something dog can’t teach himself a new trick?!

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